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The Shavik (femShep/Javik + broShep/Javik) ship at its best:

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kinky pleasures: roleplay, group sex, threesome, two Shepard's to play with, time to play, fun with clones, playing with toys, a playful couple, the Protheans delight, the Geth, the Quarian and the orgy, Quality Time

Javik solo's: nude is beautiful, hot and bothered, B/W erotic poses, exploring the Extranet, a perfect Prothean, lineart, Bathhouse fun

The Gift, Javik has a gift for femShep (LI-style romance/erotic)
The Avatar of Hope, femShep to the rescue! (LI-style romance/action/erotic)
40 Hours/Homecoming, two Shepard's to play with (PWP/lover's sex)
5 short stories, couple erotic and roleplay (PWP/romance/threesome)
Shepard's birthday/Practical Joke, new love & a surprise (romance/erotic/PWP)
The Artifact (futaShep/Javik) - 2nd -
The Consort's Invitation (group sex/orgy) - 1st -

July 08, 2015

FemShep + Broshep for Sims 4 - a Mass Effect to Sims 4 conversion

BroShep Sim

FemShep Sim

These two Sims are NOT my creation! I modified their bodies, faces and their traits some to better fit my personal tastes, that's all. I don't take any credit for them and that's why I cannot upload them here. You can find the originals in the Maxis online Gallery after starting Sims 4. They're highly rated (and downloaded) Sims and easy to find. Search parameters: #mass effect, #broshep, #femshep. 

And here are some nude shots:

These are original screenshots. No photoshopping. 

MTS (Mod the Sims) and SexySims2 are already teeming with exciting mods and awesome default and non-default textures for Sims 4. There's even a first masturbation animation available for TS4 on Sexysims! It's still a WiP but it looks kinda cool. I tried it out with one of my Sims some time ago. :D

Custom poses for screenshots are still a bit difficult to come by 'cuz there ain't that much available right now. I could find only a handful of  posing packages on MTS and there are none so far for explicit content but I'm looking forward to what the community's going to create in future. ^^

July 04, 2015

Alien(s) erotic comic "The last one out" - download it here!

The last one out
(Mini-Comic, standalone work)

Title: The last one out

Size: 21 pages (including the cover)

download size: 25 MB

Rating: R/MA/18+

Theme(s): Humor/PWP

Fandom: Alien(s)

Warnings: goofy humor, human/xenomorph erotic, dub-con, vaginal-oral-combo, cumshots, Hive-brothers on human, explicit Alien sex, non-canon stuff

Dani spends too much time in a museum exhibit, and strange creatures are beginning to appear...

This comic is for download only!

download link: The last one out

Do NOT download or read if you're offended by nudity and erotic content in general! 

June 20, 2015

ME3 - bathhouse fun - Javik solo erotic

I have no idea what a Prothean bathhouse might've looked like but I think this Roman public bath could be close enough. My headcanon of Prothean design is actually a mix of ancient Roman and Egyptian architecture.

Why Egyptian?

First: The Prothean pyramids.

Second: Victory's interface resembles a pharaoh's cartouche.

Here's a snapshot from one of Javik's flashbacks:

And a closeup of Victory's interface next to an Egyptian king's cartouche. There are symbols inside the cartouche-like part of the interface, like an alien variant of hieroglyphs:


And now on to a few erotic poses...

I never made a pose with Javik where he shows off his back and nice ass like this... And, by the looks of it, he's really enjoying himself. The warm, humid air and the massive basins filled with heated and scented water are almost too alluring to resist. But maybe he had a nice swim already and is now relaxing on the polished stone slabs, with the underfloor heating keeping them pleasantly warm.

Javik is all alone in the bathhouse. No one's going to interrupt or disturb him in any way. He can do whatever he wants...

Compared with his species' millennia-long lifespan, and, even with him being over 200 years old, he's barely out of his teens, so to speak.

Don't let that muscular frame and the beautifully trim body fool you. He's smaller than femShep, probably about 5'4". His dick, however, is anything but small. And those big balls... makes me wonder how often he can come until he starts shooting blanks. :p

Looks like our lovely Prothean isn't just enjoying a sweet, slow wank but some self-loving as well; relishing the sensation of soft, velvety skin over rigid meat and watching the delightfully slow up and down of his hand. 

How the thick, fleshy ridges are pushing up against the glans rim from below before they begin to expand and stretch again whenever he's pulling the skin fully down. How the first, clear drop appears at the pisshole, the pre-cum gradually accumulating with every pull and stroke until the glassy drop is oozing out, slowly running down the head like a slick, warm tear...

This is my favorite from today's picture set 'cuz what's happening in it is such a turn-on.

Javik's totally absorbed in his pleasure, whispering raunchy fantasies; what he wants right now, what he likes and needs while stimulating himself extensively. He's kneading the swollen tip of his dick until the pre-cum is dripping down his fingers in glittering threads, with his other hand keeping his balls tight, pulling them down - to be able to feel their size and weight better while clenching down on is favorite toy.

You can see it in his expression when he's getting close. The lustful grimace distorting his features, the breathless, hoarse groans while his fingers are moving faster and faster along the pre-cum slicked glans. ...The sopping wet glint of the peehole...

Thighs flexing restlessly, the frantic motions of his masturbating hand is suddenly slowing down again. Balls tight and plump, he's no longer squatting on his haunches but straightening up, pelvis arching high and wide. Moaning, pointing his cock forward, he's approaching his climax rapidly - only to take the stroking hand away at the last second. 

Dick swaying and throbbing, his other fist's clenching around the sac, keeping his nuts down and low. Milky white drops are already oozing out of the pre-cum drenched slit, dripping, running and gushing in the very last buildup of a hands free orgasm; until he's toppling over the edge. And his cock starts bucking and spurting cum with every rapid jerk, his load hitting the floor with wet, heavy slaps.

And the afterglow... I'm not really sure that he's done jerking off though. That look on his face. In his eyes. I wouldn't be surprised if he starts stroking himself again soon...


A new comic will be ready in a few days. Stay tuned for "Last one out"...

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May 16, 2015

Most Erotic Couples IV - ME3 erotic calendar - Download it here!

This is my sixth Mass Effect themed erotic calendar.

Most Erotic Couples IV

Calendar No. 6, color, Fornax style, featuring femShep/Javik + broShep in a bisexual threesome.

14 pages, including the cover and a "last page"

+ 12 bonus pictures

Size: 2230 x 1220 pixel (45 MB)
Rating: M/R/18+

Warnings: full frontal nudity, double penetration (anal-vaginal-combo), toys, oral, fingering, facial, anal fisting, cockring, HFO, F/M/M

Download link: MEC-IV Calendar

DON'T download if you're offended by male bisexuality, erotic content in general and/or nudity.

April 30, 2015

ME3 - Anderson's apartment, part two - Shavik couple erotic - Quality Time

I tried a few outfits for femShep and these two are the best and worst ones... 

My number one top outfit, a chinese dress... 
This dress comes in three colors, plain white, champagne and red. I picked the red one for this pose because the white one was too stark in contrast for the setting. And the champagne one was too close to her skintone with the ambient light. 

The "worst" outfit (for femShep), fishnet lingerie with high heels...
The outfit itself is quite sexy, it just won't fit femShep's style IMHO. Plus, the fishnet is a nightmare to edit and photoshop. Ugh.

And now on to the poses, including a mini-fic for the last two pics...

Jane and her mate are enjoying some quality time together, cuddling on the sofa, next to the fireplace...

Quite soon, the clothes gone. They're still taking their time, enjoying a sweet, slow foreplay...

...until Javik pulls her on top for some mutual oral sex, with him licking and teasing her clit with the tip of his tongue while Jane's giving head with obvious delight, alternating between sucking and stroking. 

He's finally pushing her further down his body and straightens up behind his mate, balancing his weight on both arms and pounding into her with firm, deliberate strokes while she's half-kneeling, half-squatting in front of him.

Javik soon needs a break and urges her to sit on his lap, fingering her clit and watching her expression at the same time. Jane can feel his throbbing cock nudging her labia now and then, while his finger moves faster and faster back and forth over her swollen nub. It doesn't take long until she's coming... 

They continue their mating in one of the chairs, with her legs slung over the armrests while he's now thrusting hard and fast. He stays inside her until he's completely spent and when he finally pulls out, she's sticking two fingers into her pussy - only to suck on them, tasting his cum. His attention is so fixated on her abdomen, she's spreading her labia, letting him watch how his seed starts gushing out... 

And a bit of a bonus, two pics with a little story:


Warnings: BDSM (very mild), toys, anal, orgasm control

She moved slowly on top, riding him, leaning backwards and resting her weight on his thighs while keeping her legs wide open for him.

Javik clenched and unclenched his fists in the shackles that tied him to the bed frame. He tightened his jaw, breathing heavily with flaring nostrils.

He had agreed, even if somewhat hesitantly at first, to submit to her tonight. He had been partly amused and partly skeptical about the whole thing, expecting it to be quite awkward - should bad come to worse.

But, after a slightly bumpy and slow start, their role play became more and more exciting. Jane was really into it. He could smell her arousal and sensed her intense lust. It wasn't about pain or leather-clad, paddle-wielding domination. Their play was about trust first and foremost. To experience lust without being in charge. With her wielding total control over him and his body.

She spoiled him, teased him, played him like an instrument until she deemed him ready for more. The anticipation and need soon had him moaning and squirming on the bed. He knew she wanted to hear him beg for it. That only had him playfully refusing to oblige while she teased him mercilessly in her try to coax the verbal surrender out of him...

He moaned in earnest when she used the dildo, penetrating him gentle but deep, pushing the toy in and out until he bit down on his bottom lip and barely able to suppress his aroused whimpering.

"You like that, don't you, Javik?"

He groaned softly and arched into her thrusts.

"Mmmh, just look at that." She caressed the base of his cock.

The rigid shaft bobbed above his panting belly, drooling pre-cum.

"How horny you are..." Her slim, sinewy hand fondled his swollen balls.

When she finally climbed on top of him, her pussy was so sopping wet she was literally dripping. Her labia were thickly swollen, gaping open around the vaginal opening. The clitoris stood out from between her folds like a miniature finger, dark and red, it's tiny glans exposed.

Both of them moaned, relieved, when he entered her. Their role play, however, was far from over...

She kept riding him, building his arousal until he was getting close to his relief. And then, almost at the brink of his climax, she stopped. And waited.

Jane felt him throbbing inside her. Her teasing turned into a dance on the knife's edge. He would come if she continued too quickly and his lust would fade if she waited too long.

Shepard watched his expression, the look in his eyes whenever she started moving again. Javik's attention was glued to her crotch, how she fucked him so leisurely; with her bald pussy sliding up and down his cock and how his thick, glistening pole pushed her swollen labia apart with every downward stroke.

He squirmed beneath her whenever she stopped, panting and wheezing. He was desperate to come, she could see it in his eyes. His length was glowing hot and hard as rock. Shepard shifted her weight carefully to one arm and felt around behind her butt with the other hand.

His balls had pulled up, the sack was tight and firm. She waited until they had dropped, resting plump and heavy in her palm. Only then did Jane raise her pelvis some - and felt his testicles moving upwards at once.

She stopped and Javik moaned in protest. His head sank back against the headboard, his crest hitting the wood with a firm clok.

"Jane. ... Go on, Jane! Go on."

He stared right through her with glassy eyes. His triple set of nostrils flared with every breath he took.

She rolled her hips slowly, grinding down on him, panting in a mixture of pain and pleasure over his size.

He groaned. Loudly. "Go on! Let me come."

He bucked and she pushed down with her whole weight, holding him still. And he caved in.

"Please! Make me cum. Please, let me come..."

He was begging and pleading at last, asking her to continue.

Shepard stood up, letting him slip from her hole. She knelt down between his thighs. His cock was so slippery from their mixed juices, she couldn't pull the skin back. Her hand just kept sliding down his length without any friction at all.

Jane simply held his dick at the base while closing the other hand in a loose grip around the visibly flared glans. She started kneading and stroking, squeezing the head and massaging the rim with skilled fingers - all the while watching his face and looking her mate in the eye.

He raised his loins and pushed eagerly into her masturbating hand, whimpering and gasping. It took only moments for him to come, announcing his orgasm with a shout. She moaned in tandem with him. He was pulsing rapidly in her still stroking hand and she let go of the base, quickly slicking two fingers with saliva.

Jane shoved them up his butt and he pushed back into her hand, moaning. She felt him clenching and contracting around her fingers while his cock kept pumping and spurting. His load was glowing hot and watery thin from the prolonged build-up, running down his heaving chest and belly in cloudy trails.

She stroked him until his member softened and finally let go, to suck her cum-slicked fingers before she licked every drop off his sweaty skin.......

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April 11, 2015

ME3 - Partytime - Shavik couple erotic - Anderson's apartment

Anderson's apartment is finally available for Gmod! It's still a beta, the ambient light is kinda wonky in some areas but the map itself is INCREDIBLE! It's the full apartment and looks exactly like the original from the Citadel DLC - only that this Gmod map includes an extra, a "secret room" of sorts. ^^

I couldn't wait with the posing and started right away, creating my version of Shepard's infamous energetic party... 

EDI and Legion are having a blast together. Joker, on the other hand, is not amused over the two AI's hitting it off with each other... 

Mordin, however, has a field day while watching Jane and Javik together, taking mental notes of the ongoing human/Prothean courtship display on the sofa close by. 

Jack's having an exceptionally good time for once - without breaking stuff or killing someone in the process. :D

Shepard notices rather quick that Javik was always nearby. Watching. Only having eyes for her. It wasn't long before he brushed past his Commander, imparting a short message with the gentle, fleeting touch. >Come...< Jane followed him over to the window, surprised by his sudden initiative when he pulled her closer...

...only to slip off together, retreating to her bedroom...

They're finally alone with each other, away from the hustle-bustle downstairs and her friends prying eyes. One kiss leads to the next and when they finally begin to undress one another, it feels so natural, so right, for them to be together. And when Javik sits down on the edge of her bed, the look on his face tells her everything she needs to know. That this night means more to him than just a curious fling...

Jane can tell that he never had sex with a human before. He is a bit tentative at first, uncertain about what she might like and what not - until lust and instincts fully take over. Shepard's hand on his raging boner and the scent of her arousal almost sends him over the edge right then. Javik can feel the slick heat of her pussy on his fingertips and then his leg the moment she climbs on top, rubbing her nether lips and swollen clit back and forth over his thigh. She's trembling with need, panting and gasping, desperate for more - and so is he. 

They quickly change their position on the bed, with him kneeling beside her while Jane is fingering herself frantically. And the second he starts stroking himself, a deep groan passes her lips. She's watching him, the long, swift strokes up and down his manhood while playing with his balls at the same time... 

...until she tells him to lie down. Javik is so worked up, he's hardly able to wait any longer, urging her to ride his cock. Both of them are moaning when he enters her, his thick pole inching into her ever so slow. And Shepard finally understands that human and Prothean ain't fully compatible after all. He's simply too big, his impressive girth hurting her tender hole. She's still pressing down on him as far as she can - until he stops her with a firm grip around her slender waist, sensing the discomfort he's inflicting upon her. 

His manhood is throbbing inside her almost rhythmically, the swollen head nudging her cervix. She can hardly breathe with him filling her so and leans forward with a grunt, resting her weight carefully on his chest until his panting nod tells her to go on. His hands around her waist are guiding her into a steady, gradually quickening rhythm - until he lets go and grabs her thighs instead.

She's riding him faster and harder, watching his rapidly changing expression and listening to his gasps and groans. His attention is just as glued to her panting face. Every up and down brings them both quickly closer towards the edge. They never break eye contact. Seeing the lust in each others eyes is the strongest aphrodisiac a couple can strive for.

Jane knows that he's coming even before he starts to moan. He seems to grow another inch, swelling and flaring inside her and she clenches her vaginal muscles as strongly as she can. Javik shudders and grunts, eyes glazing over and almost rolling up into his head. He heaves a silent moan, arching into her thrusts and pressing her down onto his dick. His face distorts to a grimace, almost as if he was in pain. 

And he starts pulsing frantically inside her, filling her with his seed while Shepard's pressing two fingers onto her clit, stroking herself with slow, circling strokes. She's coming, too, throbbing in tandem with his spurting member; both of them moaning and groaning until he pulls her forward and down. Her glowing hot cheek's resting on his sweaty, panting chest while he's caressing her neck and shoulders and riding out their afterglow together. 


And some fun poses at last...

After endless, merciless teasing, he finally brings her to a mind-blowing orgasm...

...while she returns the favor in the library, milking him dry between her boobs.

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March 17, 2015

ME - Legion, the Geth - erotic special

These pics are an anon request from Tumblr. Anon opted for gay or bi and I could choose which one to take. So I made both versions. :D

bisexual threesome:

gay version:

I had a lot of fun making these. Especially because I like this triangle, Legion/Kaidan/Tali, together. ^^

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