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July 12, 2011

Bound in Blood - DAO fanfic

Summary: [Jowan/f!Surana, Greagoir/f!Surana] Jowan uses blood magic on Surana - to read her mind - and finds out her most cherished secrets. 

- PWP - M/F - human/elf - magical Mind Control - Mindsex - implied Sub/Dom - apprentice/templar relationship - hints of dub-con -

Part 1/2


Jowan never used blood magic again since the events in castle Redcliffe. That part of his life seemed to be finally over. Arl Eamon had dropped the charge of treason and attempted murder and the maleficar left the castle as a free man.

But his freedom had a price. A small price compared to the prospect of imminent execution:

He had to take an oath in exchange for his life, becoming a Grey Warden, obliged to defend the land against the Darkspawn. He was the first blood mage that joined the Wardens ranks since the battle mage Avernus under the command of Sophia Dryden, 220 years ago.

He was together with his best friend, Nury Surana, again and had joined an ever-growing army roaming the land on their quest for new allies. He was free of the Circle Tower, the Templars, Teyrn Loghain and, of course, Lily, too.

Jowan never dreamt that he would be able to lead the life of a hero one day, away from the Circle and its rules and far away from his former caged existence as well. He'd always wanted to be special. And now, his dream had finally come true. He couldn't be happier if it wasn't for his closest friend at his side.

Nury had changed over the last year the long-term friends had been separated. She was quieter, more pensive and not so tomboyish any more. The burden of leadership and her responsibility for Ferelden had obviously gained her more maturity. That wasn't everything, however. She seemed happy with her newfound life though something was amiss. He wasn't exactly sure what it was but he noticed that she avoided the others rather often, sneaking away in the evenings only to return hours later; breathless and flushed.

The maleficar watched her more closely, analyzing her body language and searching for clues that might give something away. He was dead certain that Nury kept a secret though no one else seemed to notice her odd disappearances. Questioning her was fruitless. The elf was too smart for her own good and his tries to sound her out were too clumsy and obvious, making it too easy for her to evade his questions.

He was running out of options soon and it didn't take long until his nosiness got the better of him: he mulled over the idea to read her mind.

Invading her privacy so bluntly made him cringe. He'd done a mind-read spell only once before and the effect had been unpleasant. Merging two souls in a forced, telepathic connection was a rather intrusive process and he was never certain that she wouldn't notice his mental presence anyhow. She would be royally pissed if she became aware of him snooping around in her mind.

But it wasn't just about the severe breach of confidence or that she would be offended with the despicable act. He wasn't exactly the cunning or subtle type and had to settle for a direct approach; unsure about what kind of memories he might find.

He was afraid to stumble over her true feelings for him during the mind meld. Something dark and sinister could be lurking below the surface, carefully hidden behind her friendly smile and gentle words. Something worse than disappointment and displeasure over his actions. Rejection, maybe. Or even hate.

It didn't take long, however, until her regular trips away from camp had him bursting with curiosity. He had had enough time to reconcile with the idea; carefully weighting the pros and cons. Jowan was finally dead set on reading her mind and followed the disappearing elf through the shrub.

She strolled down to the riverside, right where the stream merged into a lake and sat down on a moss-covered log, bathing in the warm evening sun.

Jowan stopped at the edge of the clearing and leant against a crooked oak, clasping a low hanging branch with one hand. Nury sat with closed eyes, her face raised to the sunlight. She seemed to be at peace and thoroughly relaxed. The maleficar wouldn't find her in a better state of mind for his intentions but he hesitated to act. He moistened his suddenly dry lips and scanned his surroundings repeatedly, concerned that someone might have followed him.

It wasn't just about being afraid to be caught red handed while casting illegal spells. Blood magic was very powerful and he had still issues to channel his energies accordingly, making sure that they were neither too strong nor too weak.

Her dreamy, absentminded expression resolved his uncertainty. Jowan took another deep breath, heart pounding with anticipation, nerves and a bit of fear as well. Magic had never been a gift for him. He was always insecure about incarnations misfiring or refusing to work at all. Learning the forbidden magic had boosted his self-confidence only to some degree. He seemed calmer on the outside but he was still reduced to shaky knees and fluttery nerves every time he wanted to cast a spell.

The raven-haired man whispered under his breath and felt the sudden change in his body. The abrupt surge in power left him lightheaded and he hugged the tree until the effect faded away. His pulse slowed down again, heart pounding steady and with strong intervals. He could feel the magic in his veins. Not the faint whisper of mana every mage felt, this was the raw, intense force of sheer power and might.

Every blood mage meant to be invincible the moment their magic merged with their life force. The sudden, intense sensation was overwhelming and Jowan had trouble to concentrate. He was forced to wait until he had calmed down before he clenched the branch with both hands and steadied himself against the unpleasant sensation that would follow any second now.

Eyes fixated on the elven woman, he whispered the enchantment and watched her expression.

Nury's features slackened before she regained her composure again and the maleficar's mind was hurled forward at the same time, the surroundings reduced to a zappy blur. His knees buckled and he sagged against the trunk with a strangled gasp. He blinked several times - and Surana opened her eyes.

She was oblivious of the intrusion, and his conscience settled into her body like a second soul. The elf had lost herself in random memories, relaxing with the pictures and emotional fragments popping up in her mind.

Jowan's lips twitched, pleased with the result. The connection was established and the spell worked. It worked rather well, indeed. He shared not only her state of mind and physical relaxation, he had control over her body just as well: cool moss moistened his palms and he sunk his fingers in before he leaned forward and looked down, his field of vision drastically reduced by an ample bosom almost blocking the view onto his knees.

He was grateful for her just sitting there and chilling under the warm evening sun. He still wasn't ready to prod her mind and preferred to stay unnoticed, becoming more familiar with her bodily form before he tried to steer her thoughts cautiously in the wanted direction.

She was at ease and happy. However, a strange sensation filled him with a subliminal tingling...

Jowan became aware of the finer differences between a male and a female frame. Her chest area was heavy and soft. He felt every little sway of her breasts when she moved, or the pleasant rub of fabric along strangely sensitive nipples. Curious and rather fascinated with the unfamiliar mass weighting him down, he couldn't help but to further concentrate on her generous attributes.

The strange tingle and the subconscious restlessness grew stronger and seemed to concentrate on a certain spot right in her lap. She sighed now and then and pressed her legs together. The crotch area felt oddly empty without male genitals. It took some effort on her part to push against the sensitive bits between her legs without taking her hands. She was forced to tilt her abdomen downwards while closing her thighs at the same time. Nury did so repeatedly, biting down on her bottom lip in concentration and rubbing her womanhood against her panty line and the log she sat on.

The maleficar's mind was ablaze with concentration, being utterly fascinated with the physical aspects of their magical link. He had to fight the wish to make his elven friend touch her breasts, just to be able to experience this sensation through her body as well.

A little, wicked smile grazed his lips. It would be so easy to strengthen the influence of his mind on her. To make her do things. Just for him. Allowing him to partake in the experience of female arousal firsthand and rather personal.

The temptation was difficult to overcome. Jowan understood at once, why blood mages were so quick in possessing and mind controlling other people. It was so easy. So quickly done and without the host becoming aware of it, too. The act was highly immoral but still...

Nury relieved him of the burden of his conscience and any further decision. A sudden memory flashed before her eyes and was on top of her mind in an instant. The reminiscence had a special meaning for her, fuelling her arousal and that caught Jowan's attention.

It was the Circle Tower's third floor, the templar's private realm. A door appeared in front of her behind the corridor bend. Two fully armored guards stood next to the entrance, allowing her to pass without looking in her direction at all. A female hand with pink colored nails appeared in the peripheral vision and stretched out towards the heavy door, pushing it gradually open.

'She's either thinking about some dream or she makes up an erotic fantasy right now,' he thought, excited. 'Let's see what's going to happen...'

She entered a spacious office. The fireplace at the wall behind the massive desk was lit, filling the room with pleasant warmth. An armor rack stood in the corner, sustaining the heavy plate mail of a high ranked officer. The spotless metal shone in the candle light like pure silver. In front of the desk stood someone, turned away, a letter or memo in hand, engrossed in the content. He was aware of her presence and kept her on tenterhooks, unmoving, finishing whatever he was reading first.

She tried to compose herself, to wait until the Knight-Commander was ready to deal with her though every second ticking away stirred her restlessness more. She hadn't any better things to do than to look around his office or to study the man in front of her.

She did the latter.

He was clad in a girdled, knee-long tunic, woolen breeches and soft boots. But even without his massive armor, he never lost his formidable appearance. A lion without its mane was still a lion...

"Sir?" The elf couldn't bear the tension anymore.

He dropped the paper and turned around after a moment, features stern. "You've been out after curfew again, apprentice." Greagoir leaned back against the desk, crossing his arms over the blood red templar cross adorning his chest.

She refused to answer and just looked at him.

He raised a brow over the mute defense. His voice was calm and quiet but heavy with authority: "Come here."

She was suddenly nervous. And thrilled as well. The tingle in her abdomen grew, making her itch and almost burst with the growing suspense. She moved forward, approaching him gradually until his short nod signaled her to stop.


He looked her over from head to toe. A strange emotion dawned in his pupils and his voice lowered to a husky whisper: "You should be punished for your disobedience..."

"A-as you wish." Her answer was equally breathy and devoid of all resistance or anxiety. She was excited and had trouble to breathe. Her chest tightened with anticipation.

Jowan frowned, curious and puzzled over her odd imaginations - and the source of her recall as well. What she brought to mind was too clear and vivid for an impromptu fantasy. And a remembered dream would have been severely fragmented and filled with abrupt leaps between different places and daytimes...

She studied Greagoir's face, looking him in the eye and down to his mouth, lingering at the soft lips before her attention darted back to his eyes again. He pushed himself off the desk and approached her, moving slowly around the waiting young woman - like a wolf stalking its prey.

The templar stopped behind her back.

She waited until goose bumps made the fine hair on her arms stood on end. The surge in excitement reached its peak when she felt hands on her shoulders, a body stepping up to her from behind and grazing her back and butt before Greagoir took another small step, leaning against her.

His breath brushed her temple and tickled the shell of her pointed ear. "Your... disobedience puts me in a rather bad light. Me and every other templar. You are a disgrace for every apprentice that ever came through the Tower's doors and studied here, Surana. Your rebellious mind must be tamed if you want to survive..."

Fingers moved along her shoulders until they rested close to her neck. His thumb began caressing her skin, stroking slowly back and forth...

Jowan almost forgot to breathe. The strange memory was further accentuated by Nury's reactions. She was noticeable aroused and fidgeted on the log, constantly rubbing her female bits against the wood. Small contractions made her lap pulse ever so often. She breathed heavier and deeper, fingers busy circling and pinching her erect nipples.

Greagoir turned her around. She looked up into his face, unable to suppress the soft, surprised grunt when he pulled her against his body.

"I'm going to tame you. Once and for all..." he rasped and crushed his mouth to hers.

The maleficar leant against the trunk, mouth agape and dizzy with the flood of sensations and emotions, overwhelmed with all the details she remembered; the sound of Greagoir's voice and his slightly clipped pronunciation, the particular smell in his office; this mixture of paper and ink, the smell of dusty tomes and the fine note of lyrium odors. 'This... this isn't a fantasy. It's a real memory,' he understood and gasped when Nury kneaded her heavy breasts.

An airy moan left her mouth before she pushed a hand into her lap. She was hot between her thighs. Searing hot. And humid. Fingers stroked noticeable swollen labia. Her recall grew blurry and she concentrated on something that aroused her even more...

It was still the Knight-Commander's office but her angle had changed. She looked up to the ceiling. Strong, callused hands pushed her gradually back onto the desk until she felt the smooth surface pressing against her naked back. She looked along her body, over her heaving breasts and through the gap between her spread legs. Greagoir pulled her knees up and stepped between her thighs. His slickened erection prodded her womanhood, the tip parting her nether lips.

"This might hurt," he said.

She nodded, signaling him to continue.

He was cautious and gentle. She felt him sliding inside, stretching her with a slow and careful move. The tearing of her maidenhead was bearable, it still stung and she hissed through her teeth.

"Look at me." The soft, breathless whisper made her look up and into his eyes.

He waited a moment before he pushed gradually deeper. She moaned quietly with the unfamiliar sensation, and moaned again when he started pumping rhythmically inside her...

Jowan ended the mental connection with a gasp. He stepped back and almost tripped over his feet. The images and sensations still lingered in his mind, unable to get rid of them. He left the riverside and went back to camp, still busy with what he had learned.

Nury had been quite the troublemaker as a Circle apprentice. She'd spent more time in detention and the Knight-Commanders office than anyone else ever had. Her trips to Greagoir's bureau had noticeable increased over the last two or three years, however, and they continued even after her Harrowing. And now, Jowan knew why...


The moment he returned to his tent and crawled inside, he was ready to swear to never use the mind-spell again! He wasn't keen to experience the emotional and physical aspects of her rather vivid memories for a second time. The sensation of having a female body was rather neat; being penetrated by Greagoir was something completely different though.

He wasn't into men and watching the aging templar having sex with his best friend dampened her erotic memories to a degree. It was just too bad that she obviously enjoyed watching her lover's expression. It would have been a lot sexier if she'd allowed him to take her from behind, reducing her escapades to the physical aspect alone.

Jowan now regretted breaking the link so over-hasty. Experiencing vaginal intercourse from a woman's point of view was exceptional and arousing. He wished he'd waited some longer, merely concentrating on the feeling of a dick inside her. He probably wouldn't be able to enjoy such an experience any time soon again. At least not without another mind meld...  

He blew out the small candle, pulled the covers up, turned on his side with an annoyed grunt, and squeezed his eyes shut. It was so quiet in camp that he could have heard a pin drop. There was no wind howling, no eerily creaking branches or rustling leaves, no flapping tent flaps. Even the bloody dog was quiet tonight.

The apostate listened to his still quickened heartbeat. He turned on his back and froze in mid-move when Nury entered her tent right next to his. He heard her rummaging around, her heavy breathing and gasping and blushed to the roots of his hair with the sudden, slick noises reaching his ears; the rather quick stroking of fingers moving up and down in her crotch.

'Thinking about being plowed by him had really turned her on,' he thought and made a face. He wanted to get out and as far away as possible. He wasn't in the mood to listen to her moans, groaning the Knight-Commanders name - or something worse.

Days ago, he would've joined her shameless masturbation with delight and without hesitation, lying next to her and still separated from his friend, listening eagerly to the damp noises and moans coming from the other bedroll, jerking off together with her...

Breathless moans invaded the strained silence inside his tent. Her eager masturbation reached new heights and the maleficar gritted his teeth until he heard the creaking sound of teeth grinding on teeth, making his jaw ache. The wet, quick smacking went right into his loins. He balled his fists and tried to resist, ignoring his throbbing erection.

"aaAAAAHHH! AaahhMaker!!" A throaty, labored groan. "Make me... cum. Yes!" Nury began to pant. Loud and intense.

Jowan swallowed audibly and looked over in the pitch-black darkness, envisioning the elf next to him; knees wide open, a hand darting up and down between her thighs, one hand kneading her breasts in turns, fingers twisting her stiff nipples.

"Ohhhyessss!!! Yess. I cum! Aaaaahhhh!!!!" Her drawn-out moan almost reduced him to a whimpering, bone-less mass. A warm, slick drop seeped down his length.

Greagoir or not, he was extremely horny.

A string of loud panting abruptly followed Nury's groan and turned into a keening noise... "Aaahhh, Jowan!"

He had to bite back the sudden urge to join her moans of pleasure. The unexpected outburst surprised him though only for a moment. The next second, he'd yanked his blanket away and grabbed his boner, fist pumping rough and quick.

The feeling of relief over touching himself soon turned to intense lust. The maleficar followed her over the edge not a minute later, spending himself as quietly as possible.


The camp was empty the next day. Jowan had overslept and stumbled out of his tent in a hurry around noon, only to notice that everyone was gone - except Bodahn, Sandal and some of the elves. Usually, he would be sulking over being left behind. This time though, he was relieved to be alone and strolled over to one of the cold fireplaces, looking for some leftovers from breakfast. Chewing on a stringy piece of dry meat and some cheese, he sat down on the blanket in front of his tent and mulled over what had happened the last night.

He wasn't able to figure Nury out. Groaning his name on the peak of her passion made no sense and clashed with her reminisces as the Knight-Commander's lover. He was struck by a touch of paranoia meanwhile and assumed that she had been aware of his mental invasion. Though simply teasing him with her outburst as some kind of punishment was absurd. Surana could be a bit hot-headed sometimes but she wasn't cruel and this kind of game just wasn't her cup of tea: She had a couple of admirers in camp but she never raised their hopes and limited her contact to them to friendly but trivial conversations.

Jowan just went round in circles, unable to find a solution for her actions. Maybe he was obsessing over her motives, but he really wanted to know what was going on. Especially after the last night! There was only one way for him to find out, however... to read her mind again. He made a face and ran his fingers through his hair.

The maleficar was so absorbed in thought he never noticed that the group had returned at some point.

"Hey, Jowan." Nury plopped down next to him.

"Gah!!" He almost jumped out of his skin.

She giggled and he shot her a dirty look, striving to catch his breath again.

"I'm sorry. I didn't want to—"

He interrupted her with a wave of his hand. "No harm done. I was just, um, abstracted."

"You do that a lot lately. What's bothering you?" She slipped closer and placed her arm on his shoulder in a half-hug, resting her chin on her forearm.

A nervous chuckle left his mouth. "N-nothing. I'm fine. Really."

Surana raised a brow at his unsteady glance; how he averted his eyes as soon as he faced her. A deep blush colored his face and beads of sweat appeared on his upper lip. He licked the damp shimmer away and cleared his throat.

Her amused little grin died down the second she noticed his condition. Jowan was always a bit nervous and jumpy. This time, however, he was so antsy that she started to worry about him.

"Hey, what's wrong?" she whispered and rubbed his shoulder in a friendly hug, inadvertently pushing her bosom against him.

He became drastically aware of her closeness and her female attributes. The memory of inhabiting her body was still fresh on his mind. And the sudden remembrance of her soft, ample curves brought every other, intimate moment from the last twelve hours back as well. His robes grew too hot and confining and he fought the urge to fidget.

"Nothing. I'm FINE!" he gasped out rather forcefully and defensive, his face almost beet-red by now.

"Okay, okay. You don't have to tell me if you really don't want to. 'Tis fine. Really." She let go of him with a little pout and slipped away from the maleficar.

An awkward silence followed her hurt words and Jowan regretted his impulsive reaction.

Both friends sat there, preventing to look at each other, gazing into the distance and down to their hands in turns.

She cleared her throat and he glimpsed at her, studying her profile. The elf faced him and he blinked, unsure about how to react. Her pretty features were tense, the smooth forehead wrinkled in an annoyed frown. It took a moment before her face relaxed again and she pursed her lips, regarding him with a faint shook of her head.

"You're completely bonkers sometimes, Jowan. You know that, right?"

He lowered his gaze, chuckling a little. "Yup. And that's why we're friends for so long, eh? Admit it, you like crazy..."

Nury shook her head again, smiling this time and he grinned with an apologizing shrug.

They remained on the blanket and it took a while until she spoke again: "May I ask you something?"

He darted her a curious look. "Sure. About what?"

It was her turn now to avoid any eye contact. "Well..." She hemmed and hawed.

"Spit it out. What is it?"

"Teach me, Jowan."

His brows shot up in surprise and he opened his mouth only to snap it shut again. "Ah, uhh... and what?" he asked cautiously.

Surana pushed her braids back with an edgy little laugh. "You're going to call me crazy," she whispered and coughed quietly.

Jowan had a couple of things and answers in mind. Every single one was suited to call her crazy. Well, more or less... The most prominent thought popping into his mind was rather naughty, though. But teaching her sex was totally out of the question. She would never ask him to bed her. Besides, she seemed to have more experience than he had; Greagoir must have been quite the lady's man, hiding his sensual nature behind a stern and devout fa├žade....

He harrumphed and shot his best friend a glance. 'Hard to believe that she had a liaison with the templar commander but her mind seemed to be filled with memories mostly about him and their nookies. ... I never expected her to have a thing for older men but it wouldn't surprise me if he seized the initiative and seduced her. The old lecher...'

He tried to concentrate on the here and now. His stirring imagination started to evoke rather scandalous images, however. The apostate soon strived against the wish to delve into her mind again. Envisioning her naked and horny on Greagoir's desk while he screwed her brains out was of little help to regain his composure right now...

"W-well..." She played with an earring.

His clouded mind needed a moment to notice her nervous babbling and he leant aside to have a better look at his seatmate. Her uncertainty was so foreign for the usually resolute elf that he wanted to pinch her to see if she was indeed real and not some kind of illusion.

"Spit it out. What do you want? And furthermore, what might *I* be able to teach you of all people? You're—"

"Teach me blood magic."

"What?!" He tried to get up and stepped on the hem of his robes, falling unceremoniously back on his behind again. "You're joking, right?!"

Her expression was anything but a funny one. She was dead serious.

He yanked the hem out of the way and from under his heels and stood up this time, brushing leaves, grass and dirt from the garment with short, jerking motions. "You must be crazy!"

"I knew you're going to call me that." Her smile wasn't amused at all.

"I'm not going to show you how to use blood magic! Never!"

"Why not? I'm only using it against Darkspawn, you know that."

"I wouldn't even care if you're just frying the Archdemon's brain with it. I won't turn you into a maleficar! And that's final!" He was seriously angry now and glowered at her, arms akimbo.

The elven woman stared up to her taller friend, chin pushed forward. She'd never witnessed Jowan so upset and mad before. As a blood mage, she'd expected him to readily share his knowledge, especially with his childhood buddy. His strong resistance disappointed her but she wasn't ready to give up yet.

"I need to know! It might save my life at some point. I'm not going to take any chances anymore. We're Grey Warden and our only purpose is to save Ferelden from the Blight!" she snarled at him.

"I don't give a rat's ass about Ferelden. Or the Blight! Or the Grey Warden," he spat back, raising his voice. "I care only about you and nothing and no one else! And I'm not going to condemn you in any way. I've thrown my life away but I'm not going to ruin yours as well."

They stared at each other. She was fuming over his refusal now. Jowan was sad and mad at the same time over her persistent approach.

"Don't let me down," she asked hoarsely.

His face hardened. "Or what? You won't be my friend any longer?"

She twitched, gasped and turned away with a hurt frown, and he regretted his nasty comment at once.

"I'm sorry," he whispered. "I-I can't believe I said just that."

"No, it's okay. I shouldn't have pestered you..." Nury tried a shaky smile to hide her feelings but to no avail. Her bottom lip began to tremble.

He pulled her in an awkward embrace and she hugged him back, sniffling a little. They simply stood there, both of them breathing hard with churned up emotions. He rubbed her back, whispering repeatedly how sorry he was while she responded with a choked "It's okay, Jowan" now and then.

It took a while until they calmed down again. Even then, he refused to relinquish his hold on her and they remained in a gradually tightening embrace. Her arms moved around his neck. He reacted by instinct and brushed her temple with his lips. Nury leant into the shy caress and released him eventually.

He needed a moment to collect his thoughts before he continued their dispute but he was more composed, this time.

"You know the price I had to pay," he said quietly. "Just for dabbling in blood magic. I... never really used it but I practiced still enough spells to understand how dangerous this kind of magic is. Lily was right. It truly changes people. The temptation to surrender and to give in every time you're using it, is... overwhelming. The magical power is incredible and now I fully understand the Tevinter mages, why everyone fears and hates them. ... How easy it is to kill someone just for his life energy. Only to become even more powerful..." 

He heard the rustling of leaves under her feet and felt a soft touch on his forearm next. "And just how powerful are you, Jowan? How much do you really learn? You wasn’t just dabbling in the forbidden arts; your spell to enter the fade was rather advanced, higher magic. Only senior enchanters know how to establish a solid connection between the dream realm and the real world."

He wanted to respond but closed his mouth again, uncertain about what would be safe to tell her.

"I... ...I'm..." he broke off.

"You aren't just an apprentice any more. You're a fully fledged Magister, am I right?"

He just looked at her, wavering and unsure about how to react or what to say.

"I need to know", she whispered. "It might be vital for our survival. And I won't tell anyone, you know that."

Jowan turned his back on her and chewed at his bottom lip, feeling uneasy, pondering if he should reveal his knowledge or not and how much of it. It was tempting to be able to demonstrate his best friend that he was indeed powerful though his sudden surge of pride was mingled with a hefty portion of concern and worry as well. It might be the wrong thing to incite her curiosity even more...

He turned around to her again after a long moment and stretched out a hand, palm turned upwards. "I show you but nothing more."

She grasped his hand after a second of hesitation.

Nothing happened. At first.

Then, she felt a steadily growing flow of magic. It was pulsing like a living being and almost seemed alive in a very strange way...

She had goose bumps and gasped with the sudden might washing over her like a tidal wave. Her eyes rolled back into her head and her knees buckled.

"Nury!" he gasped, scared, and loosened the grip around her fingers.

"No! I'm fine. I was just... surprised," she whispered over the faint ringing in her ears.

The magic energies between them seemed to multiply, creating some kind of feedback loop. The air seemed to crackle and the hair at the nape of her neck stood on end. Her friend was right. To feel the raw, untamed power of blood magic was exhilarating! It enticed and fascinated her. She never knew that he would develop such a might one day! Surana shuddered involuntarily, unaware about her ecstatic gasp or her enraptured expression.

Jowan blinked, taken aback. He never expected her to be turned on by his magical power and gradually released the hold on his strength, allowing her to experience the full force of his magic potential. Her nipples pebbled. She breathed open mouthed and he imagined her to be gasping in silent but ragged moans. Her expression was one of sheer desire meanwhile.

He'd seen exactly the same expression on her face the last evening, when she remembered having sex with Greagoir...

Eyes narrowing in sudden resolve and a fit of craziness, he casted the mind-merging spell and plunged into her head. He didn't even try to be gentle. She was so distracted and busy to gain control over their mingled powers she wouldn't even notice being butt kicked by an ogre right now. 

The raven-haired man felt his body respond, tuning in with her current state of mind. Her ecstasy was almost palpable. He searched around in her consciousness, pushing and shoving memories around and out of the way, feeding her bits about what he was looking for...

...and was promptly rewarded with an ever-growing flood of images, feelings and impressions.

...She looked down her body, carefully moving the razor over her mound, shaving off her pubes with cautious movements, afraid to cut herself with the thin blade. She needed more time than expected. Her skin was still stubbly and she wanted it to be perfect. Her attention darted up to the huge window again. The rapidly dwindling daylight urged her to hurry. It was getting late. He expected her soon. Surana doubled her efforts...

... and hurried through the darkened corridors only a short while later. She stopped in front of his office and smoothed her robes before she knocked and entered. Greagoir looked up from the paperwork on his desk. A pleased spark flashed in his eyes. She was right on time. "Step forward, apprentice."

The elf did as she was told, barely concealing her little pout. He always called her "apprentice" and never by her first name.

He pushed his chair back and signaled her to approach. His expression was unreadable. He was always in control - of his mien, his reactions and his actions, too.

She moved around the heavy desk until he leant forward and pulled her closer at her belt. She bumped against his body with a small gasp, feeling hard muscles under the soft, white tunic. The Knight-Commander grasped her neck, caressing her slim nape with his thumb. "You've done what I ordered you to do?" His quiet, calm voice made her shiver with surging anticipation and lust. His stroking fingers caressing her neck only added fuel to her arousal.

"Yes", she breathed.

He kissed her neck and wandered along her jaw line before his lips touched her ear. "Strip", he rasped.

And she obeyed, allowing him to eye her naked body, raising her arms and standing with slightly spread legs to show him the freshly shaved, smooth skin of her armpits and womanhood. His attention fixated on her abdomen. He pulled her between his spreading knees until she was right in front of him. Greagoir remained straight-faced, even with a noticeable bulge forming in his breeches. He was always serious and composed. All manners and a crisp, well-trained soldier at the same time. Commander and lover in one person...

"Put your foot on the desk."

She complied with his softly spoken order and spread her bent knee as far as possible. She held on to his shoulder for support before she arched in his direction, offering herself shamelessly.

His fingertips brushed her smooth skin, caressing her silken mound and the velvety labia. He took his time and explored her hairless skin thoroughly. She soon ached for his touch. A watery drop oozed from her swollen slit and rolled down her thigh. He pulled her nether lips slightly apart, spreading her gentle; like the petals of a tender, moist flower.

"Beautiful", he whispered and bent forward, placing a soft kiss on her vulva...

His beard tickled and scratched the sensitive skin at the inside of her thighs until the slightly uncomfortable sensation was overlaid with a wet tongue sliding between her folds and circling her clitoris. The caress was harsh and pleasurable at once.

She gasped, fingers clenching in the tunic at his shoulders. He took his head back and looked at her pussy, the skin now damp and glistening with saliva. She looked down to him, running fingers through his hair the moment he leant forward and caressed her again, stroking her with the tip of his tongue...

Her vagina contracted ever so often. The tender stimulation drove her crazy with need. She moaned his name and he strengthened his effort, eating her out. A hand stroked the inside of her thigh, fingers slipped between the moist folds. Two of them entered her body with a gentle if deep motion. Her inner walls clenched around his fingers. She moaned again when he moved his hand up and down between her shivering thighs, penetrating her in the same rhythm his tongue lavished and loved her nub.

Greagoir looked up to her distorted face now and then. She trembled and curved her abdomen more and more forward, pressing herself against his skilled mouth and stretched up on the tip of her toes. The Knight-Commanders fingertips stimulated her G-spot with every stroke, reducing her to an incoherently babbling puddle, ready to melt for him. To come for him.

And she did.

Her orgasm hit so hard that tears welled up in her eyes and she had to fight the urge to yell her release through his office and out into the corridor on the other side of the closed door, alerting the templars on watch still standing right and left of his bureau. He moaned softly and fisted his erection with one hand while he sucked her pulsing slit, enjoying the sensation of her climax right at his kissing lips and still stroking tongue.

Jowan couldn't prevent the soft groan from forming on his lips. The pictures flashing through her mind had been incredibly intense. He was only partly aware of the erection tenting his robes and cared even less if Nury would notice.

She strived to hide her arousal, face rigid and slightly embarrassed about the sudden flood of sensual images running through her mind against her will. She was torn between the need to suppress her erotic past and her wish to live through more of her memories.

Looking into the maleficar's eyes was enough to resolve her hesitation. Her friend's oddly urging, aroused expression was like an initial spark and she gave in readily, trying to remember the most titillating moments of her secret affair...

She moved along the corridor, slowing her pace when the Knight-Commander passed her on his way to his duty.

"Good morning, Sir," she greeted him politely.

He nodded, murmuring a barely audible response.

She stopped and looked up and down the corridor before she cleared her throat when no one came in sight. "Knight-Commander..."

That stopped his brisk stride.

He turned around to her, back ramrod straight and features composed. "What is it, apprentice?"

She looked over to a hidden alcove, eyeing the heavy curtain and faced him again, daring him with a small jerk of her chin to follow her to the niche.

The grey haired man regarded her with a stern gaze and his "no bullshitting in public" expression usually reserved for the youngest apprentices.

She moved over to the alcove, hips swaying, opening her belt. The metallic tinkling of the massive buckle no longer holding her robes closed was soon replaced by approaching steps and the clanking of heavy armor behind her back.

Turning round, she was surprised over the sudden grip around her upper arm and gasped a little with the sudden spun that made her face the Knight-Commander. The fire in his eyes made her skin tingle with excitement.

"I can't wait until this evening," she whispered and pressed herself against the templar's armor. The metal was ice cold at her glowing hot skin.

"You have to," was everything he said before she felt his mouth on her lips in a hungry, passionate kiss that robbed her of her breath and left her dizzy with skyrocketing desire.

They parted with a sucking smack. Both of them were breathing hard. Greagoir scanned their surrounding hastily before he faced her again.

"I want you—" Her trembling whisper was cut off by another kiss.

A gauntlet squeezed one of her breasts. She whimpered in his mouth and tried to hold him back the moment he let go of her again.

"No, don't go. Please. ... I need you." She was aroused and ready for him; panting and on the brink of pleading.

A gentle expression softened his features before he was serious again. Greagoir pulled her clasped hands from behind his neck. "Tonight," he promised and stepped back from her.

She just stood there and looked after his retreating form until he stopped after a couple of steps and looked aside. "Don't do that again. You're smart enough to know the consequences if we're caught."

The same night...

Candles were lit in the Knight-Commanders private quarters... the big, ruffled bed was bathed in the slightly flickering, yellowish glow... two bodies lay on the mattress, limbs entangled, naked, rolling through the crumpled sheets...

Damp kisses mixed with hard, gasping breaths and the rustling of linnen.

Until she was on top, panting, straightening up and straddling his hips, pelvis arching back, searching for his erect member. He just laid there under her, watching her efforts with parting lips, his mouth slightly swollen, reddened and moist from their fervid kisses, eyes narrowing in concentration the moment her lap nudged the tip of his manhood. He grasped her hips, steadying her urgent moves, finally pushing upwards, parting her nether lips.

Both of them moaned the moment he slid into her. She sank forward, resting her weight on his chest, riding him. Greagoir joined in after a moment, doubling their pleasure with swift counter moves - until he pulled her forward and they rolled around, switching positions.

Elven fingers clawed at his broad, sweaty back, leaving red welts on his skin until his teeth found her neck, grunting at her sweat drenched skin while thrusting hard into her core, making her arch off the mattress. She grasped the headboard, her knuckles white, clinging to the brass bars and raised her abdomen, legs pulled up to her chin, eager to feel him as deep as possible.

"Fuck me! ... Fuck... me...yes!" 

He straightened up with a hoarse groan, resting his weight on stretched arms. Their panting and gasping mixed with the creaking of bedsprings and the rhythmic slaps of their frenzied act. Her breasts bounced with every stroke. A drop of sweat rolled down his temple. He moaned, his features an ecstatic grimace, loins now pumping hard and fast.

She whimpered and keened, relishing in every thrust and clenched her inner walls around him. He grew even harder and bigger. She knew that he was getting close and moaned deep in her throat, yearning to feel his climax inside her. She gasped when he yanked his cock out of her with a choked groan and came on her belly instead, preventing an impregnation...

Her physical reactions were distracting. Jowan had trouble to concentrate on his aspiration. He was ready to end the spell again when he finally found what he was looking for...

They laid on the bed, partly covered with a crumpled sheet. She leant against his chest, flushed in her afterglow. He was silent for a while already, gazing into space.

"What's bothering you, Greagoir?" her quiet comment derailed his train of thought.

"Am I so obvious?"

She smiled. "Sometimes. Yes. At least when you're with me..."

"Maybe I should keep a more professional attitude around you as well." His soft remark made her giggle.

"No. I like it when you let your guard down. You do this all too seldom."

They were silent again. Only the faint crackling of the fireplace disturbed the quiet.

"What's on your mind?" she asked again.

"Nothing. I'm just surprised, that is all."

The elf straightened some up and turned partially around to be able to face him. "About what?"

"There's no one who caught your attention yet?"

"Huh?" She frowned. "What are you talking about?"

"You're not interested in a boyfriend? Someone more of your age?"


Greagoir shrugged. "I'm just curious. Maybe I should be on my guard more, watching out for rivals."

"Oh. You would do that, don't you?" She pursed her lips, eyes glinting with amusement but refrained from answering his question.

He tilted his head and looked her in the eye. "Well... is there someone you—?"

She looked away and refused to tell though an image formed in front of her eyes, and the Knight-Commander's face melted and transformed into someone else... a young, black-haired man with very prominent features. An apprentice. Her best friend. Jowan. And he was indeed special to her. Very special.

She hid her passionate feelings behind an insignificant smile and shook her head. Jowan's image still lingered in her mind, taking Greagoir's place. "No," she lied and snuggled up to the templar. "There's no special someone in my life, aside from you."

The maleficar interrupted the mental link and had to take a deep breath. 'So that's why she moaned my name last night,' he thought and looked her in the eye. Nury was still under the influence of his awakened powers. He stopped the flow of his dark magic again.

The elf blinked. She still squeezed his hand and her fingernails had dug into his palm meanwhile. He felt a little dizzy and was ravenous. The prolonged usage of blood magic had left him physically drained and a bit slow in the mind. His friend wasn't affected in any way aside from being a little overwhelmed by his powers.

"Wow..." was everything she said before she released her hold on him.

Surana looked up to him with a small smile and nodded her consent. "I knew that you had it in you, Jowan. Blood magic or not, you really are a true mage."

Her approval and satisfaction weren't the only emotions dawning in her eyes, however. He noticed an amorous spark in her pupils as well. Jowan wasn't sure if she was turned on because he was a maleficar or due to her reminisces. But he knew of a way to find out yet and took a step forward until their bodies almost touched.

She raised her chin slightly and returned the eye contact until her attention focused on his mouth and lingered there before she looked up into his eyes again. Her silent request got him to act. He leant into her path and kissed her. Nury reacted almost at once. She clasped his hands gently and returned the kiss. Her body grew soft when he caressed her lips with his mouth and followed his rearward head movement at first before she heaved a small, almost disappointed sigh when he straightened up again.

"What was that for?" she whispered with a half-smile and a flirty look.

"Why? You don't like it?"

"Of course I do. It's just a bit... sudden, that's all." She squeezed his hands and looked at him, still smiling a little.

"It took me some time to build up enough courage", he confessed.

"Am I so fearsome, Jowan?" Her palms ran along his chest and up over his shoulders.

"No. I just wasn't sure if you would..." He stopped babbling and leant into her path again.

"Yes, kiss me..." she breathed and stretched up on the tip of her toes, meeting him halfway.

Her hands moved up and behind his neck when he caressed her mouth with gentle kisses and soft lips. The tip of his tongue traced her upper lip and she opened her mouth willingly, letting him in.

Jowan clasped her waist and pulled her closer, right against his growing erection. Nury moaned softly in his mouth and melted into his embrace. He expected her to be a bit on the shy and hesitating side. His elven friend was anything but insecure. She returned his kiss with growing passion and fire and cut right to the case. Her lower abdomen pushed against his loins and she moved her pelvis slowly along his crotch.

Their tongues were battling for dominance by now. He heaved a soft, welcoming moan when she pulled one of his hands from her waist and placed it onto her breast instead. He squeezed her bosom and had to take his head some back with a groan. The maleficar tried to catch his breath first before he showered her neck with damp, panting kisses. Nury's lap still pressed against his now straining erection and he returned the demanding bodily contact, sliding and rubbing his length up and down her pelvis.

His hand left her boob and slipped lower, over her ribs and down to her hip before he caressed her thigh. His fingers inched towards her lap.

"Yes," she gasped and pulled her robes up to make it easier for him before she pushed his hand under the garment, right between her legs.

He caressed her through her small clothes, running his hand back and forth over her mound and labia before his middle finger parted her slit. She was hot and moist; her womanhood was noticeable swollen, the nether lips slightly bulging and gaping. The elf panted at his neck while he wheezed into her ear. She arched into his touch, hips slightly thrusting until his curious finger found her nub.

Her approving little moan suddenly turned into a sharp, terrified gasp and she pulled back from him with a jerk. He blinked in confusion.

"What's—" Jowan fell silent when he finally noticed the gradually approaching noise, the rustling of leaves and snapping of twigs.

Someone moved right into their direction and the friends parted, unwilling and hesitant. A small, broad shoulders silhouette pushed itself through the shrub and ducked below low hanging branches. The mages recognized the unwanted visitor as the assassin elf. Zevran would doubtfully notice what was about to happen, their flushed faces and still quickened, heavy breathing gave them away.

Nury made a face. "Great. That's all we need right now. A nosey whorehouse-elf with a loose tongue. I'll try to get rid of him, and—"

The maleficar sighed. "Take your time with him. It might be important what he has to say. I'm ravenous from using blood magic and need to eat anyway."

He gave her a peck on her lips before he went over to the biggest fireplace where Leliana and Alistair were busy preparing lunch, passing the approaching Zevran on his way with a short nod.

- the next morning -

Jowan was still in his tent, stretched out on the makeshift bed. His mind was still busy with what had happened the evening before. He still remembered Nury's kisses. Her body. How hot and willing she had been.

He just couldn't stop thinking about touching her. He had been so close, his fingers already slipping under the waistband of her small clothes, his fingertips only inches away from her womanhood. The maleficar pushed the blanket aside. He closed his eyes and began stroking himself. Slow and gentle, to prolong the self-pleasuring act more. He let his imaginations take over and fantasized about picking up where he had left off the day before.

It felt so good to think about his friend right now. Envisioning her, cuddled up to him and naked. Her soft, thin fingers curled around him, stroking him to completion while he fondled her wet pussy. He visualized her soft, damp folds; how his finger slipped between. Her small, breathless moan the moment he found her clit and caressed her with gentle strokes over and around the stiffened nub. She would be so hot at his fingers. So slick.

He moaned softly and looked down to his slowly pumping fist...

...and noticed a shadow in front of his tent.

Jowan pulled the blanket over his abdomen with a jerk, cursing under his breath.

"Who's there?" he called, still a little breathless.

"It's me, Nury. May I come in?"

The blood mage considered getting dressed first before he dismissed the thought. "Yes, sure."

The shadow ducked down and the flap was pushed aside. She crawled through the opening and closed it carefully behind her while he straightened up on his elbows. She'd never visited him in his tent before and he was curious about her intentions.

She turned around to him on her knees and stopped in mid-move, cocking her head. Her widening eyes roamed over his naked body and down to the blanket covering his lap.

"Oh! I'm disturbing you, right?"

"Disturbing me? How? Err... at what?" Jowan caught himself babbling and snapped his mouth shut.

"You know what I mean..." She smirked a little and made an unmistakable move with her fist.

He blushed right up to his ears. "You're really doesn't mince matters!"

"Hey, there's no reason to be embarrassed over blowing off steam. It's just natural, you know." She shrugged, smiling and he finally joined in with a small chuckle. 

Jowan leant back, fully aware that the woolen sheet covering his lap started to slip ever so slow. He looked her in the eye and held her gaze. "Well... what if I was indeed busy jerking off?" he said, voice low.

Her attention switched to his loins. His still semi-erect manhood was outlined through the blanket. "You, um, continue?" she suggested.

"Right now?!"

She moistened her lips. "Why not? You like to show me?"

He just gazed at her, rendered speechless.

"You're game? I show you mine and you show me yours..."

"Aren't we a bit too old for playing doctor and nurses?" his wry smile made her giggle.

"I had something more grown up in mind, Jowan." She pulled her belt open.

This grin died down. The elf doffed her robes and stretched her upper body, running both hands through her braids. The motion was only meant to lift her breasts and to flash her bald pussy.

He gaped at her. "Maker," he whispered after a moment and grabbed the woolen cover. "You're really serious..."

"Of course I am. C'mon... show me. You know you want to..."

The maleficar pushed the blanket away. The sudden, hungry gleam in her eyes went straight into his loins. His member jerked a little and swelled noticeable, returning to its former glory.

"Mmmh," she sighed. "You have a big one..."

Nury's attention was glued to his lap when she moistened middle finger and ring finger. She spread her thighs until he had an unhindered view onto her crotch and started pleasuring herself. Jowan's face turned rigid. He watched the slow up and down of her hand before he joined her and stroked his erection, still watching her.

"Yes, show me." She stared down to his abdomen and shoved the damp fingers into her vagina, thrusting in and out.

Her friend uttered a sharp gasp, he cupped his balls and his other fist pumped quicker. Both of them panted and wheezed in no time. She stopped when the up and down of her fingers turned soggy and crawled forward on all fours. Jowan just heaved a breathless moan when she leant down and kissed him only to move lower after a moment.

He tried to relax and closed his eyes at the sensation of soft, gentle fingers moving up and down his manhood before she pushed the foreskin back. He felt a small, hot tongue at the exposed tip, licking the slick drop off. She let go of him and grasped him anew, fully baring the shaft until he felt the skin tightening with her downward motion. Her tongue circled the head before her opened mouth moved up and down the taut frenum, stimulating his most sensible parts with tender licks and gently sucking lips.

He heard himself moan and looked aside, right at her other hand being busy in her lap, two fingers moving in and out of her swollen slit. She slipped closer and he helped her to climb on top of him.

The maleficar grasped her hips and pulled her down until he was able to reach her most feminine place with his mouth. He lapped at her core, searching her clitoris, eager to pleasure her. She groaned and took him into her mouth, sucking and licking, masturbating him at the same time with a steadily moving fist. He moaned at her pussy and flattened his tongue, caressing the swollen bud with soft licks.

He still remembered how Greagoir had pleased her and tried to imitate his technique, doing it slow and gentle. Nury wheezed through her nose on top of him. She pushed her lap against his mouth, hungry for more and he let the tip of his tongue swirl around her nub until her thighs shivered.

"Ahh, yes! Eat me out," she moaned and gave his saliva-slick manhood a couple of strokes.

Her tongue teased the wet slit, tasting him before she pushed the foreskin fully back and stimulated the exposed third of his shaft with hungrily sucking lips, moving her mouth up and down the taught frenum and along the glans rim.

He heaved a moan, partly muffled from her body and licked her labia before he suckled her clit again.

She couldn't bear much more stimulation. He was eager and willing though rather inexperienced. His ministrations would be still enough to bring her over the edge soon. She corrected the now and then missing strokes of his tongue with little shoves and jerks of her pelvis before she straightened some up on top of him. She wanted to feel him inside when she came...

Jowan's head plopped suddenly back onto the blanket. He panted loud and erratic. His manhood was rock-hard, dark and intensely swollen. He groaned, hips arching upwards. A glance down to his tightened and pulled up balls revealed how very close he was. Nury promptly switched plans and decided to bring him off first. Her fist moved faster up and down and she licked the head, waiting for him to climax.

Just a couple of strokes were enough to make him cum. He started to moan and she felt slick, hot wad slapping over her tongue. She licked the oozing slit, gently pumping his length until the pulsing and twitching in her fist had died down. Surana kissed his groin and slipped down from him.

The elf pressed her thighs together. Her middle finger dipped into her slit, racing up and down. She gasped and looked at her friend, relishing his ecstatic expression while he milked the last drops from his softening cock, watching her.

She brought herself off with rapid strokes. The quick, damp smacking in her lap mixed with her frantic panting. She glanced at his member, moaning when he gave himself a couple of teasing pulls, just to get her off quicker. The cloudy puddles on his stomach glistened with his still heaving gasps.

"Aaahyess! I cum! Quick, stick your fingers in!" Nury moaned and her knees jerked open, offering her drenched pussy.

Jowan straightened up and slipped closer. She grasped his wrist and helped him to find her entrance, groaning when two of his fingers slid inside. Both of them felt the erratic contractions clamping down around his digits. She moaned and whimpered while pushing his hand against her lap until he was up to his knuckles inside her.

Surana finally relaxed and sighed. He pulled his fingers out and slumped down next to her. Chest heaving, she turned her head and looked him in the eye. He returned her leisurely smile and brushed her forehead with a soft kiss.

- A week later -

The whole group marched along Lake Calenhad meanwhile. The two friends were a little tense and on edge. The Circle Tower was clearly visible in the distance already and they weren't keen to go back to this very place. But they had to. The treaties obliged them to search the aid of either the mages or the templars, though neither Nury nor Jowan believed that it was a good idea to approach the Tower's inhabitants with their request.

The raven-haired man wasn't sure to what extend the rumors about him and his daring escape might have spread by now. He wouldn't be surprised if the apprentices had made up some spine-crawling stories about him possessing or mind-controlling teachers and students alike. Or that he'd killed at least a dozen templars on his way out or other exorbitant rubbish. He knew the truth, just like the elven woman at his side, but such horror-stories would be exactly the stuff Alistair was panting after, just to have an excuse for making Jowan's life a hell.

The maleficar had a bigger concern than being mocked by a templar apprentice, though. He knew that Greagoir would be present in the Tower and that made their return truly awkward and unpleasant. He wasn't sure what had happened after his escape almost a year ago. The templar commander must have been furious, however, and Jowan knew Greagoir well enough to know that he might have blamed - and punished - Nury for aiding her blood mage friend.

Jowan never told her that he knew about her liaison with the Knight-Commander. But he expected that Greagoir's wrath had been severe enough to end their relationship right then and there... Fooling around with an apprentice was debauched but he would never have an affair with someone who helped a dangerous mage to escape.

They finally reached the docks and had a last night in the Spoiled Princess before Kester would bring them to the isle in the middle of the lake the next morning. Only Nury, Jowan and the dog would be entering the Tower. The Mabari wouldn't gossip about what might be happening behind the heavy steel doors, and Surana wasn't comfortable enough around Alistair or Morrigan to ask them for company.

The Witch of the Wilds wasn't interested in seeing the 'Mage's prison' from up close anyway but the former templar apprentice was sulking over her decision. He was looking forward to visit the Circle and would have loved chatting with the templars for sure. And that was the last thing both friends wanted; that someone couldn't wait spilling the beans over Nury's and Jowan's dubious past, pushing Alistair's nose right into it.


The friends shared a room that night. Not because they had to, they simply wanted to be together.

Nury felt antsy and was obviously uncomfortable over their imminent return the prospect to meet the Knight-Commander again. She wasn't in the mood for sex and Jowan just held her close and comforted her. He had hoped that he would be able to sleep with her and had to settle for a quiet, peaceful night instead.

The maleficar dozed off at some point, still holding her in his arms...

...and woke up in the middle of the night. They still lay on top of the blankets, wearing only their small clothes and he shivered a bit in the cold. A warm, soft body cuddled up to him from behind. An arm sneaked around his waist. The touch tickled a little and he suppressed an inadvertent chuckle.

She sighed, still half-asleep and caressed his belly before her hand moved up to his chest, running her fingers through the sparse, soft hair growing there. He turned slowly around to her and she straightened some up, still fondling his chest.

"Did I wake you up?" her voice was quiet and drowsy.

"No. Not really. I'm a light sleeper." He yawned. "What's wrong?"

"Oh, nothing. I just wanted to... well... you know..."

Nury moved away from him. The bedding rustled and the mattress shifted before he felt her crawling on top of him from his knees up and over his thighs. He leant to the left and fumbled with the small oil lamp on the nightstand until the pitch-black room was suddenly illuminated with yellowish light.

He squinted and blinked in the momentarily over-bright shine before he was able to look along his body. Nury lay between his spread thighs, elbows resting on the mattress to both sides of his hips. She smiled up to him before she lowered her head and kissed his abdomen.

One hand caressed his belly while her head moved gradually more to the right. Her lips touched his flaccid member and kissed it, only to caress the silken-soft, warm skin covering the shaft with gentle fingers afterwards.

"Oh! I thought you wasn't in the mood."

"Moods change now and then, Jowan," she still fondled him tenderly and finally took him into her hand.

He relaxed with a small sigh and enjoyed her attention. She watched with obvious delight how his manhood stretched and swelled rather quickly until her small fist moved up and down a rigid, throbbing pole.

She straightened some up and licked her fingers before she spread the natural lube along the valley between her breasts. He looked at her, curious about what would happen next. The elf used her bosom to stimulate him. She pushed the heavy, soft mass around his length and moved her upper body up and down until Jowan understood her intention. He clasped her hands and answered her movements with gentle counterstrokes.

Nury moaned at the sensation of his erection sliding through her cleavage. She stared down onto her chest and watched the continuous up and down until she lowered her head and licked the glans as soon as it emerged from the soft valley of her boobs. His strokes became long and slow, giving her ample opportunities to tease him with her tongue.

Her behind began to buck, making slight pelvis thrusts now and then. "Yes, fuck my tits."

He answered her lecherous remark with a groan and curved his loins up until she was able to take the tip of his member into her mouth. Her tongue swirled around the head and she heaved a half-choked moan at the same time. Jowan couldn't bear it much longer. Her heavy breasts were a major turn on and watching himself sliding up and down between them brought him too close to the edge already.

He loosened the grip around her hands and pulled away. "Wait," he gasped. "I need a break."

She got up on her knees, panting and stroking herself. The squishing between her legs revealed just how ready she was. He expected her to jump him at once and looked after her in surprise when she got off the bed and looked around the room instead, obviously searching for something.

She moved over to a tall looking glass and stopped in front of it. "You've ever done it in front of a mirror?"

"No. Do you?"

Nury just smiled and beckoned him over. "Come on, let's do it right here, on the ground."

He approached her and she turned her back on him when he sat down. He helped her squatting down over his lap. Both friends had their eyes already on the smooth, silvery surface, looking at how she positioned herself over his erection.

"Oh Maker, I can really watch you sliding inside," she panted the moment he penetrated her and they moaned in unison.

Surana sat down on his lap and leant back. Jowan followed her motion until he was able to support her while looking over her shoulder at the same time. She moved on top of him after a moment, riding him slow and pleasurable.

The two mages looked at their reflections in the mirror; both of them utterly fascinated and turned on by the sight. They were able to watch both their expressions at the same time, the motions of their bodies, the up and down of her pelvis, and how her breasts jiggled and swayed while his member slipped up and down inside her.

They moved gradually faster until he had to lie back onto the carpet, clasping her waist with both hands, thrusting harder and harder, taking her rather rough. Their panting and gasps mixed with the quickening slaps of his pelvis hitting her buttocks. The elf leant forward, supporting her weight on stretched arms, still squatting over his abdomen and holding still while he plunged into her like a battering ram.

"Ahhh! Yes! Yesss!!" she moaned.

Jowan slowed down again. "Turn around," he panted.

She climbed down from him with shaky knees and stretched out on the ground only to pull him forward when he came between her spread thighs.

"I want to see you. Your face... the look in your eyes," he gasped and pushed his cock between her labia.

The maleficar held her gaze and waited until he had her full attention. Then, he shoved his loins forward, entering her with a single, hard thrust. She moaned aloud and pulled her knees up to feel him even deeper inside. He placed her calves over his shoulders, one after the other.

He stretched his body as much as possible on top of her, taking her hard, bottoming inside her. She clawed at his arms and looked up into his face, answering his deep, ragged groans with little yelps and breathless moans.

Jowan couldn't keep the pace up for long. He was getting close.

Nury felt it as well. Her distorted face showed utter lust. "Yes! Yes! Give it to me!"

His hips snapped forward; two, three, four times more before he pressed himself against her lap, spilling is seed deep inside her.

- the next morning -

Nury pushed the Tower's heavy doors open and entered. Jowan and the Mabari were close on her heels.

There were no mages around. Surana and her friend saw only templars running about. The former serene and solemn place had somehow changed to a grim battlefield. Jowan and Nury looked around, flabbergasted and confused. The inner doors to the Circle Tower were shut and barred with a heavy beam. A couple wounded Chantry soldiers were cared for in a makeshift lazaret to their left. Heavily armed templars passed them from right or left without taking notice.

In the middle of the chaos stood a familiar figure and barked orders to his exhausted men. Even with his back turned on them, the friends recognized the voice - and the man - at once:

"...and I want two men stationed within sight of the doors at all times. Do not open the doors without my express consent. Is that clear?"

"Yes, ser," the templars answered in unison and complied with the orders at once.

"Hello, Greagoir," Nury Surana said and the Knight-Commander turned around to her.

- To be continued -