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Welcome to Asgard - Loki/OFC [F/M, F/F/F/F]
The Troublemaker - Loki/OFC [F/M]
Phase 3 - Loki/OFC [F/M]
Like A Splintered Rose - Loki/Tony Stark (FrostIron) [M/M] - WiP

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July 14, 2011

Old Friends - New Challenges - DAO comic

This is a Dragon Age Origins comic

Title: Old Friends - New Challenges
size: 65 pages
Theme: romance/erotic
pairing: Jowan/f!Surana

I used more than 400 in-game pictures from my heavily modded DAO for the creation of this short story (including the changed backgrounds and some selfmade panorama-shots). The erotic scene in this comic is NOT the lame vanilla action from the original game content!

I used the following romance/erotic/companion mods:

Karmas Origins Companions - by Karmalade - for being able to recruit Jowan and Cullen
DahliaLynn's Alistair Kiss + First Time Sex - fully visible kiss + erotic interactions
better Sex scenes - by Luchaire - erotic interactions
more options at the Pearl - by Cmezzaz7 - erotic interactions in The Pearl
The Pearl Redone - by ?? - fully visible erotic interactions with The Pearls workers
additional romance scene for Gnawed Noble Tavern - by Cmezzaz7
Alistair IRS v3 - additional erotic interactions + hugging scene
Siramodz Special Skills - additional erotic skills - by SirA
NBaio - nude bodies all in one override pack, realistic nude bodies