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This is a oneshot and it's written in German language. You'll have to translate with babelfish or any other online translator. I a...

July 31, 2011

Watching - DAO fanfic

This oneshot was written for the DAO kink meme for the delicious archive. The OP asked for explicit, public sex as a mixture of voyeurism and exhibitionism. The Warden's origin and her LI weren't important and could be chosen freely but the watching participant should be a templar. 

I changed my Nury Surana to Neria Surana for the plot to remain as anonymous as possible for an anon-only posting kink site though she's together with Jowan and I added a templar apprentice to the mix, Alistair Theirin.

 Summary: [Jowan/f!Surana + Alistair] Surana needs to display herself and her mate publically during sex to experience truly satisfying orgasms. Her boyfriend is far from being thrilled when he learns about her kink/fetish. But he helps her nonetheless. And Alistair is the oblivious target for their intentions...

Warnings: PWP, M/M/F, explicit sexual content, exhibitionism/voyeurism, oral sex, masturbation


Alistair frowned. Neria was far too secretive as of late. She sneaked away from the campsite at odd hours and her closest friend was always with her. The blonde warrior saw them sticking their heads together, whispering, falling silent whenever someone approached them.

His Templar instincts kicked in. Whatever these two were up to couldn’t be something good this time. They were too determined to stay out of hearing range and always kept their voices down. And hushed conversations between two mages – especially when one of them was an apostate AND maleficar –made him uneasy enough to keep a close eye on them.

It didn’t take long for him to make up his mind, coming to a decision. He had only hesitated to go after them since Neria was his fellow Warden and their leader. He would never spy on her and respected her privacy. It was his growing uneasiness though that urged him to act. Alistair doesn’t hesitate for long when they left the camp this time. He followed them with a safe distance until he spotted them on a small clearing. He tried to get close enough to be able to eavesdrop and quickly hid behind a group of head-high bushes, glimpsing through the branches before he parted them slow and cautious to have a better look.

Surana and her friend were absorbed in their conversation though it seemed more of a monologue this time. Neria’s expression was almost pleading. Her mouth moved quickly, she gestured hectically while her opposite faced her with knitting brows, lips pinched to a firm line, shaking his head.

The human mage turned away from her with hunched-up shoulders, crossing his arms. The elven woman remained on the spot, head lowered and brooding until a jerk ran through her small frame. She stepped in front of him, talking insistently until he paid attention to her again. She finally finished her torrent of words and looked up to the taller man, displaying a cute little pout and making puppy dog eyes. His shoulders sagged after a moment. His body language revealed that he wasn’t able to withstand either her female charm or her plea and nodded hesitantly, giving in. Neria beamed at him.

Alistair left his cover, moved over to a tree and was finally able to understand what they talked about right now:

“You won’t regret this!” she stretched up on the tip of her toes, embracing her mate’s neck while he hugged her back. “I promise.”

“This should better be good,” the apostate sighed. “I’m still not too comfortable with the idea and only do this for you. I don’t know if I’ll get a kick out of it just as you do, really. But I’ll try and do my best.”

“You’re the bestest.”

Her opposite chuckled though it didn’t sound too happy.

A pause.

“You already have someone in mind for, uh, this?”

“One of the Templar's, of course.”

Alistair leaned further around the trunk, listening attentively. He heard a sigh from Neria’s companion before the brunette mage rubbed his forehead, combing spread fingers through his disheveled hair. “Why am I not surprised?”

The elf had a mischievous grin on her face. “We’ll enjoy this, you’ll see.… You never had this kind of fantasies in the Tower?”

“My fantasies mostly involved my Harrowing, to escape from the Tower or to become a better mage by all means necessary. Well… when I wasn’t busy jerking off to the imagination of what you might look without your robes on, that is... Anyway.When are we going to pull this o—“ He fell silent with the snapping of a twig nearby and looked around.

Alistair jerked back behind the trunk, cursing himself for his clumsiness.

“What’s wrong?” she whispered.

“I think I saw… something...” The other mage squinted in the quickly approaching twilight, scanning his surroundings before he faced his elven friend with a small shrug and a puzzled expression.“I could have sworn that…” He sighed and shook his head. “Maybe I’m imagining things. Let’s go back to the others. We can talk about this later again.”

The Templar held his breath, slowly moving around the tree in the opposite direction to stay out of sight while the couple passed him and returned to camp. Surana’s blonde hair and her brightly colored, richly embroidered robes shimmered treacherously in the semi-darkness while her raven-haired companion in his dark clothes was almost invisible next to her. Alistair looked after them long after they were gone again, a thoughtful expression still clouding his face.

Alistair now noticed the glimpses aimed at him whenever Neria and the maleficar engaged into whispered banters again. Both of them darted him glances meanwhile. The strange looks were mostly quick and rather furtive, they still caught his attention and he kept his eye on then – only to be confronted with another one of those odd glimpses from both mages. It was impossible to guess the meaning or purpose of their looks and the Templar apprentice felt a bit uneasy with the idea to rely solely on his instincts again. He wasn’t sure if he should trust his gut feeling this time. The almost expectant and curious tingle in his midsection just couldn’t be right…

It still took a couple of days until the elf and her human friend made their move again. Both of them glanced around the camp as if they wanted to be sure that no one looked in their direction. They faced each other with a couple of murmured words and a short nod and left the group, cautiously moving through the thick shrub behind the last tents on the clearing. They finally quickened their pace, proceeding further into the woods.

Alistair got up at once, following them. Their secretive behavior was more than unusual and he wanted to know what they were up to. The former Templar tried to disregard the fact that his fellow Warden’s friend and lover was the very mage who had poisoned his foster father, the Arl of Redcliffe.

It was bad enough that Surana had insisted on his conscription and Alistair always expected him to concoct something bad – or evil. He never did though but blood magic or not, something was definitely going on! It was obvious that the apostate and his elven mate were involved into some kind of… tomfoolery or other oddities right now. And he had to find out what it was to retrieve his inner peace again…

He pursued Neria and Jowan with long, determined strides. The snapping of branches and twigs in front of him was plainly audible while he strived to move as quiet as possible. The thick vegetation forced him to take detours around thorny shrubbery, ducking below low hanging branches now and then. It was late afternoon and there was more than enough daylight left. He still managed to lose track of the two mages between the trees and quickened his pace, heavy boots suddenly shuffling through rustling leaves on a tiny clearing, and stopped dead in his tracks when he almost ran right into them from the left. He ducked behind a massive, old beech, his back pressed against the bark, striving to control his labored breathing.

He needed a moment until he dared to lean aside, looking around the trunk cautiously …

Neria and Jowan had moved some over to his hiding spot. They parted with the unmistakable, sucking smack of an ended – or interrupted – kiss. The elf stepped back and leaned against a slanting stump next to the beech, pulling the maleficar closer. She fumbled with the lacing of his robes before he stepped between her open legs, obstructing Alistair’s view.

The rustle of quickly dropping clothes mixed with their audible, already quickened breathing. Both mages were stark naked under their robes. The former Templar stared at Neria’s boobs in utter surprise, unable to move, think or react in any way. He blinked and noticed a movement at the edge of his field of vision,following Jowan’s hand instinctively down along her body. The elf’s womanhood was smooth and hairless, revealing just everything; her fleshy mound, the slit of her sex and soft labia. He stroked her crotch, moving his palm and fingers slowly back and forth between her thighs until his hand pulled back. Jowan licked his forefinger, coating it with saliva and spread her folds, allowing the blonde Templar a glimpse at the rosy, tender inside. His dark tuft leaned down, sucking one of her nipples while his damp finger dipped into in her slit, caressing her intimately.

Alistair twitched back behind the tree, his face a bright tomato red. That was the very last thing he had expected to happen!! He closed his eyes with a silent groan and worried his bottom lip, unsure what to do now. He looked around, searching for a preferable noiseless way to get back to camp. It took only a minute or two for him to understand that there was none. Fern surrounded all three of them, covering the deadwood lying about seemingly everywhere.

The forest was eerily quiet now; only the whispering and sucking kisses behind his back interrupted the deep silence. He wouldn’t be able to sneak away without stepping on dry branches or brittle twigs. The resounding snap would alert them to his presence and that was the last thing he wanted to happen. He looked around his hiding spot, shoving a couple of beechnuts with the tip of his boot away. Just to be safe. At least this time…

“Ahh, yes…” Soft moaning reached his ears. The elf’s voice mixed with damp kissing and another, moist noise he wasn’t able to identify. The wet slipping already hinted at what happened. Swallowing with a lump in his throat, the curiosity finally got the better of him, and Alistair leaned aside again.

They were kissing. The back of Jowan’s head blocked the Templar’s view on their faces while she stroked her friend’s erecting cock, fondling his balls with the other hand.His forefinger was still busy sliding back and forth in her slit before his fingertip concentrated on a point right at the top between her labia, circling and rubbing slow and gentle. They changed their position some, allowing their spectator behind the tree a better view on slightly parted lips and playing tongues. Alistair’s face froze. He swallowed with a bone-dry mouth and averted his gaze.

The little sighs and faint groans went straight into his loins. He couldn’t help but look up again, watching them in a mixture of skyrocketing arousal and embarrassment. The two mages parted. Both of them were breathing heavy, their gasps underlaid with the squishy noises coming from her crotch. Neria moaned. She leaned against the stump, spreading her legs wide and rested a heel on a snag; standing with open thighs and one bend knee, arching her bald pussy into Jowan’s still stroking fingers. He grasped her hand around his semi-erect length, moving her stroking fist quicker up and down.

“You’re so… wet.” Even the slightly quivering strain in his voice couldn’t hide that he was a bit nervous.

Jowan leaned into her path at once, whispering into her ear. Her eyes seemed to focus right on the tree next to them and Alistair took cover in a flash. He never saw how Neria’s chin pointed in his very direction until her friend followed the telltale glance. A brief if distorted smile tugged at her lips, nodding eagerly when the brunette man slipped along her body, planting kisses here and there on his way down.

Her drawn-out groan only moments later had the warrior looking again. He had to bite back a gasp, his attention glued to the scene in front of him, looking on what happened. He was oblivious of the elf’sgaze right into his face.The Templar’srigid features revealed his arousal;his glittering look aiming at her abdomen was a mixture of lust and curiosity: Jowan was down on his knees by now, face buried in Neria’s crotch. Alistair craned his neck so be able to see more and she turned slightly round and in his direction while pulling her mate a bit around at the same time; nudging him gently with her knee until both of them were on show.

Thin fingers brushed the strands of dark hair out of the blood mage’s face before she tilted his head a little to the left. He glimpsed up to her for a second, his tongue moved slower before he returned to the task in hand, eating her out.

The elf kept the hair out of his face while spreading her nether lips with the other hand, allowing him full access to her clit and their audience behind the trunk an unobstructed view. She gasped and sighed. Uninhibited and uncaring if others might hear her as well. Her pussy was visibly swollen, the labia thickened, almost bulging, her clitoris big, red and stiff.

Alistair’s armor felt too hot and too confining. The pressure on his pulsing member was almost painful meanwhile. He felt for the straps and buckles at his loins, loosening them until he was able to shove trembling, sweaty fingers between the thick padding and his damp skin. He bit down on his bottom lip and held his breath the moment he freed himself from the splintmail bits covering his abdomen.

His member was hard as steel, the silken skin glowing hot. He fought the urge to moan with pleasure and strived to enjoy the sensation – and the sexy show in front of him – in total silence. His shame and embarrassment was gone. He was incredibly turned on and wanted them to continue, anxious to see them copulating and coming – as vocal and visible as anyhow possible.

Alistair had to take it slow, stroking himself only hesitantly and even the small, almost timid pumps up and down his length aroused him like nothing else before. His attention twitched back and forth between Neria’s glowing face, her open, panting mouth and the equally naked, black haired man squatting in front of her, pleasuring her with an eager licking tongue.

Jowan had been nervous and a bit insecure at first but he was fully engrossed in their lovemaking now. He knew that Neria kept glimpsing at their peeping ‘guest’, enjoying their public display for the other guy immensely. And the treacherous, only partly muffled noises coming from the tree nearby revealed that their spectator relished it just as much.

The maleficar had the sudden urge to take their play a tad further and more daring. He didn’t care any longer that someone watched them in their most intimate moment together. The knowledge of doing *this* with the intention to arouse another person had been a bit intimidating at first. He enjoyed it now. Heck, he wasn’t just enjoying it he was incredibly horny meanwhile.

His member stood to full attention, throbbing and twitching with need. Jowan had to fight the urge to touch himself just as the other man yet. Their watcher’s trembling little pants and gasps weren’t the only noises reaching his ears. The moist slipping of a stroking fist was unmistakable. He wasn’t into men but the situation itself was a massive turn-on. And he finally recognized the voice and pressed his licking mouth between Neria’s labia to hide his unintended, distorted little smile.

It was Alistair!

What an irony that it was the purest of Templars in camp who watched them and that it was a blood mage of all people who might be teaching him now a thing or two... He took his head back and looked up to his highly aroused lover before he spread her open with his fingers, stroking his flattened tongue from her vaginal opening up to her clit, nudging and rubbing the bundle of nerves, stroking her with gentle swirls over and around the protruding nub.

Her fingers clenched in his hair the moment he flicked his tongue over the swollen pearl. “J…aaaahhh!!”A groan.“Aaahhh! Yesss!!” The fluttering strokes drove her crazy with need. She gasped aloud, pelvis suddenly jerking forward and against his lips. “Suck! Suck my clit.” A throaty moan left her mouth when his lips closed around the sensitive bud, teasing her with soft, cautious suckling until her thighs quivered uncontrollably.

She looked over to their watcher again, staring down to his loins and the big, swollen cock in his pumping fist. Alistair kept himself only partly hidden behind the tree. She wasn’t sure if he wanted to be seen or if he was so lost in his masturbation that he was beyond caring meanwhile.

Surana focused on her mate again, telling him how she wanted to be pleasured, where and how he should lick or suck. Jowan eagerly complied with her wishes. He had never experienced her so horny before. So vocal. Almost… sex-crazed. He never had a hands-free orgasm before as well, or that he was getting close from her reactions alone. Neria’s inhibited lust, however, drove him mad and he feared that he would climax at once, even without touching himself. The pressure building in his loins was unbearable. He felt slick drops oozing from his member repeatedly and the sudden, slow trickle creeping down his length.

Her arousal increased extremely quickly. Her loins moved restless. He rewarded every hoarse, breathless gasp leaving her mouth with another tease. He gently sucked her pussy-lips, licked up and down or pushed his tongue into her hole, lapping her richly flowing juices. She’d never been so extremely wet before either…

Both her hands fisted his hair the moment he focused on her clit again. Pelvis jerking and bucking at once, she started to heave loud and fitful. He let his tongue swirl around the stiff little nub. Over and over. With soft, gentle strokes, just how she loved and needed it. She arched into him.

“Ahhhh!! Yesss! Yes. Don’t stop! I… I gonna cum.” Her head fell back. She shuddered with swaying breasts. A deep, long groan left her mouth. Her body stretched up at the stump and she came. Hard. With violent shudders and jerks, moaning and panting like crazy. Her friend took his head back when the first waves of passion had washed over her. He caressed her twitching slit, panting and gasping before he shoved two fingers into her vagina. The rhythmic pulsing squeezing his digits made him moan.

He waited until her contractions faded away and straightened up. He pumped in and out, gradually quickening his pace when he felt her inner walls clenching around his fingers. “Yes, fuck me! Fuck!” Her throaty groan mixed with Alistair’s sudden, harsh gasps; the quick, heavy slaps of semen spurting over fern leaves. That was Neria’s undoing. Her face distorted to a grimace of sheer lust. She leaned back and raised her abdomen, arching into the still quickening thrusts, squeezing his fingers with her vagina. She yearned to be filled and stretched, to feel him inside…

Jowan was barely able to control himself any longer. He got up and pulled his hand gradually back, leaving her aching for him and empty. Her eyes lost the glassy sheen. He moved a step backward, chest and belly heaving. The elf slipped down from the stump and kissed him, tasting herself in his mouth before she got down on her knees. His erection pointed up in a rather steep arc. She curled her fingers around him, giving him a couple of firm strokes.

“Suck me off,” he panted. “I’m too close already…”

She pulled the foreskin fully back, exposing a purple, swollen head and almost a third of his length below. Her tongue stroked along the bared shaft, playing with the sensible spot right below the tip. He gasped and curved his loins forward before he placed a hand behind her head. Neria held his glance the moment she took him into her mouth. Keeping the skin gently stretched, she bobbed her head, sucking him eagerly. Jowan answered with a half-choked moan. He stilled her move and began thrusting, entering and leaving her mouth with long strokes.

A furtive, darting look aside showed him that Alistair was still present and watching. Surana uttered enthusiastic little “Mmhhh’s” and he faced her at once, looking at how he moved in and out between her lips. She sucked eagerly at once. That, together with the Templar still watching them, was too much. Too much stimulation.Too much arousal.Simply too much of everything right now. He pulled out with a wet, sucking ‘flop’.

His distorted features revealed how close he was. She licked him with a soft moan and whispered: “Give it to me.”

Neria stuck out her tongue and opened her mouth. It was an inviting, daring tease given the fact that they weren’t alone. And that exactly was the kick driving Jowan over the edge. He couldn’t hold it back any more, even if he wanted to. He started to gasp frantically, stroking himself to completion at the same time. Her tongue wiggled below the sensitive glans, darting back and forth to stimulate him even further before she held still again.

She gasped in unison with him, newly aroused by his moans and groaned with the sudden, frantic throbs against her tongue, the sensation of glowing hot, slick spurts slapping over her open lips, against her teeth and into her oral cavity while the warm, heady smell of semen filled her nostrils. Neria shoved her mouth quickly over his cock, sucking and swallowing, stroking him until the pulsing gushes died down.

The maleficar had wobbly knees and had to sit down on the tree stump. The elf moved between his thighs and embraced him, a faint smile on her face, running her fingers through his tousled, sweat damp hair, looking down to him with shiny eyes and glowing cheeks. Her smile changed to a grin when they suddenly heard the cautious, cracking steps moving away from them.

Jowan chuckled and rested his cheek against her belly, looking after the retreating Alistair. “I… still can’t believe that we did each other in front of him.”

“You’re embarrassed?”

He nuzzled her skin. “No. … Well, not much.But… I liked it. I can’t remember you being so incredible horny.”

“You and me both, Jowan,” she smiled and winked at him when he looked her in the eye.

“Having sex in front of an audience isn’t exactly what I would call an everyday situation.”

“So… umm… we’re going to do it again?” she asked and added in her mind: ‘It’s so much hotter than merely fantasizing about being watched when we’re together…’

Her friend grinned. “Sometime. Certainly.”


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