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November 21, 2011

DAO conversion for Sims 3 - Jowan, Surana + Anders as Sims

It took me three months to get the Jowan-Sim right. Nury Surana is included as a bonus Sim and Anders is an early beta version.

The Sims were made with a lot of custom content (NOT included in the download). The readme has everything you need though, including the links to MTS (Modthesims.info) and Sexysims2. You just have to download and install.

The guys have genitalia as well: (from sexysims2.com) if you don't already have them in your TS3-collection:

Anders' body is still a WIP but Jowan is ready for action. ;) That's how I imagine him, as if taken right from one of my stories... not only his body but his dangly bits as well. He's uncut and the foreskin fully covers the glans and then some for a bit of overhang while the skin almost completely retreats behind the tip when erect.

This is the best penis model available for Sims 3. It's anatomically correct, it comes in many adjustable flavors (cut/uncut, big, thick, small, thin, size of balls, etc.) and even has an urethra opening where most other models look like cheap rubber dicks. It's poseable from flaccid to fully erect with a slider as well, including a visible retreating foreskin. And that looks really natural and realistic.

Nury Surana is fully shaved, with big breasts. They're a bit saggy because of their size just how natural breasts would be. Her clitoris is noticeable big and peaks from between her labia. And, just like Jowan, this Sim is exactly how I imagined her to look like. Aside from the hairstyle. A ponytail made of braided hair isn't available for TS3 so I had to pick something else...

Anders' body will be further changed: he's going to be noticeable different from Jowan who's slimmer. Anders will have stronger defined muscles and more body mass in the end. I'm going to change his bodyhair some as well and will remove his pubes to a full/partly shaved look. He's circumcised and thicker but a bit shorter in size than Jowan when flaccid. I'm still looking for body piercings for Sims 3 'cuz he's meant to have a small, single nipple ring, on the left side.


The three Sims are made for a single household and they're meant to be lovers. Nury is set to straight while both guys are bisexual. I don't know if love triangles are possible in Sims 3 though. Just try it out. ^^

You can grab them here:

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