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December 04, 2011

The erotic of Dragon Age III - as a DAO to Sims 3 conversion

Sex poses! And romance poses! Finally!! For Sims 3. And, honestly, they're just stills for screenshots but they look even better than the animated action from Dragon Age Origins. The sex poses show real penetration and realistic erotic expressions...

The only downside: I made Jowan taller with a sim-height slider. Some of the poses are clipping immensely because of that. Doh. :/

Anyway. These are my selfmade Sims, Jowan and Nury, for Sims 3.

And they're having a good (and sexy) time together:

(He's too tall that why it's clipping so much. The poses aren't meant for altered Sim-heights.)

And an 'after sex' cuddling pose. One of several: 

All these poses work for gay couples as well. I haven't tried that. Yet. When I'm finished playing around with Jowan and Nury I'll make Jowan and Anders (or Adam Jensen + Frank Pritchard) as a couple and let them fool around some as well. But I gotta change Jowan's height back to regular Sim standart again. At least for the poses. :)

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