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Anniversary - ME3 erotic fanfic - femShep/Javik

This is a oneshot and it's written in German language. You'll have to translate with babelfish or any other online translator. I a...

February 25, 2013

Javik - nude canon look (final)

After spending hours for just one of the special effects in the comic last night, I decided to call it a day and finetuned Javik's nude appearance to it's final stage.
The nude ragdoll is now fully shaped after his canon look. I also made a small "character sheet" for him:

He has a very broad chest and back now, just like the "armored original" from ME3. ....Leave it to Javik to look bored and indifferent even when totally naked. XD
His flaccid manhood is not photoshopped! I adjusted the size with the Advanced Inflator. 

I took my time to shape his erect penis, not only in length but the overal look, too. Curved looks a lot better than a straight shaft on him although his fun tool ended up being quite curvy, especially towards the tip... I think he's mouth watering hot and desirable with a body like this and such a beautiful cock, and how he's pushing it down for her, offering himself. ...Never expected him to be such a tease. :p

femShep has a brand new HD skin, for body and face, and this was a nice opportunity to introduce her new look as well. :D

All these screenshots are NOT photoshopped! His erection will be edited for comics to remove the odd bends in his shaft, making the curving a little smoother and nicer. The ragdoll has three joints in it's penis (one below the tip, the second one roughly in the middle and the last one right at the base) and these "bending points" are always visible after posing.

That massive chest and back are canon. Just as the slim wrists and rather small hands are...

Now on to some "fun" poses... She's teasing him/letting him watch.

And he's watching her, stroking himself.

His balls are really big though the screenshot angle is a bit unfortunate, as if they're sticking out at an odd angle when they're not. Some people might find oversized testicles gross. I love 'em. I have a bit of a size kink and I just love big, heavy balls. And by that I mean really big and heavy one's. Besides, he's an alien. Maybe he's exceptionally well-built for his people with that long dick and those bull balls, and maybe he's just an average Prothean guy. So average, in fact, that males and females of his kind wouldn't grace him with a second glance. It's not that we're ever going to know with him being the only survior of an otherwise extinct race...  His look, however, is anything but average in my headcanon. ;)

When I had his face pose done, the expression gave me a funny feeling in my belly, lol. That stare makes him seem to be incredibly turned on...

Just some slow, gentle thrusting/riding on his pole while he's fingering her clit. I was too tired to spend more time with their expressions when I made the pose. Javik is really large. He enters her deep, and he still can't get all of his length into her pussy. Sitting on a rock-hard pole of that size must leave an impact on her, being all breathless and with a very lustful, almost overwhelmed expression. But I was too knackered to get her face right.

I have a lot of erotic ragdolls from ME-Characters but not one of them has so flexible lips or the same amount of facial flexes as Javik. I really should thank Bioware for paying more attention to his character than all the other ones in the ME-series. I doubt they had him giving head in mind when they created the lips/mouth flexes but I'm glad they did; it makes erotic posing so much easier. XD And his slight, perpetual pout makes them even better.

He's really going down hard on Kaidan here. Must be a male thing to be so uninhibited, cutting to the case right away. :p

Javik and Shepard will have a steamy romance in "Avatar of Hope", the comic I'm currenty creating. The Prothean is the main character this time. It's a "personal quest", kinda. :)

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