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Anniversary - ME3 erotic fanfic - femShep/Javik

This is a oneshot and it's written in German language. You'll have to translate with babelfish or any other online translator. I a...

March 22, 2013

ME3 erotic comic - Avatar of Hope - erotic teaser

Just some quick testposes for the new comic...
This time, I picked something that isn't easily "animated" for a comic scene. His body has to move a lot over her, only his hands and feet will remain almost constantly in place while the rest of him will be in motion. But I have a lot of posing freedom, changing the position all the time and I can make screenshots from several different angles as well:

I wanted a position that allows him a nice penetration angle without him being able to move too fast, preventing him from reaching his climax too soon. He can tease her with his thrusts, raising or lowering his pelvis at the same time for putting more pressure on her upper or lower vaginal walls with his manhood. I usually don't like sex positions that prevents a couple from watching each other but his head is very close to hers, and hearing your mate's heavy breathing and panting so close above your ear is very erotic.They can talk with each other at the same time, if it's too fast/too slow or deep enough for her, etc. He can bend further down, resting on his elbows and grab her hands for more intimacy. 

The ambient light in this map is HORRID! I placed several, additional lamps in it and the bodies still aren't correctly illuminated. The lamps are pointed at her face and bum while her shoulders and bosom are still too dark. >_<

The same map, a different pose (but still the same, ugly illumiation issues):

This pose is just as posing intensive as the "male variant" with him on top. Now it's her teasing him, just moving her pelvis some up and down so he won't enter her completely. She can squeeze him with her vaginal muscles, clenching and relaxing around him while just having the upper third of his length inside her. This sex position has them looking at one another again and it allows full view on both their bodies as well. Their act is on full display, too; how she takes him in.

I still can't decide with sexpose to take for the comic but the variant with Javik on top is easier to realise. Her thin body is difficult to handle in Gmod.

And a "fun" pose again:
She had her fun, feeling him twice. Now it's his turn to find relief. Besides, I still need practice handpainting cumshots...

And an example of how poses can be with "perfect" illumination, in a correctly lit map:

She's still asleep while he's already awake, studying her sleeping form and caressing her. And, judging by his impressive erection, he desires her very much.

Do NOT upload pictures to Rule34!
"The Avatar of Hope" will be finished until May and can be downloaded right here, from my blog.

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