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Loki x Reader - Little things do matter

Little things do matter A Loki x Reader erotic fanfic Thor and Loki are back on Earth. And while the God of Thunder is being crow...

April 19, 2013

'A lesson well learned' - F/F/M - ME3 erotic comic - download it here

The comic is finished and uploaded.

Pairing: femShep/Javik (bondmates) + Ashley/Javik

Theme: humor/smut (PWP)

Size: 65 pages (73 MB), including the cover

Rating: adult++

Warnings: crude language, public sex, voyeurism, double blowjob, cumswapping (female to male), explicit mature content, nudity, threesome (F/F/M), male bisexuality (mentioned)

Timeline: 2 years after the Reaper War

Summary: Talking with Jack is never boring. Ashley learns that quite quick on her own - until the biotic entices her to a dare. But what she witnesses is just the beginning. It sets events in motion she never thought possible. And soon, her life becomes a lot more interesting...

Download link:  A lesson well learned

A/N: This is a straight threesome, no lesbian content included.

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