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May 23, 2013

ME3 erotic comic - The Avatar of Hope - romance & erotic preview

The comic will be finished soon and can be downloaded here later!

"The Avatar of Hope" isn't just an action comic, it is also a lovestory. It takes place right before the "Geth Dreadnought" mission that starts the quarian priority missions. With Bioware being too fixated on their blue-skinned brat to look left and right for other romances, and after making a mockery of the Prothean in Citadel DLC, I had more than enough determination to create a comic about how a canon romance might've developed between Javik and Shepard - if BW would've bothered taking their latest product more serious.

But this story I created is a fanmade "add-on" of sorts for ME3, too; just how the ME books are filling the gaps between the games. This comic adds a "personal" mission for the Prothean: he is the main character in "Avatar of Hope". And completing this mission will make the romance possible, just how the LI-stuff happened in ME2.

The erotic part is a mix of tenderness and passion, and it'll be longer than the scenes I usually make in my comics. Javik and femShep just started their relationship. It's the first time for them having sex with one another and I wanted to show this combination of love, gentleness and lust.

Here's a combined preview for the romance & erotic content:

Javik and Shepard are friends and very close, and I wanted them to behave as BFFs:

(a conversation combo)

Even the romance part is a mix of tenderness and passion...

And the erotic preview last:

Warnings: graphic violence, blood/gore, drugging (truth serum), explicit erotic content, nudity, xeno/interspecies (human/Prothean), rimming (male on female), facial cumshot

"The Avatar of Hope" will be finished the first week in June!

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