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June 11, 2013

ME3 - Most Erotic Men - Fornax Exclusive Edition - B/W Calendar

I made a B/W Calendar, Fornax style, with 12 erotic pictures/pin up poses.

The Calendar comes in three languages; English, Prothean + Standard Galactic Language

14 pages, including the Cover and a "last page" with a preview/summary of all pictures included

Size: 1920 x 1220 pixel (9 MB)
Rating: adult++

Warnings: frontal nudity, alien erection, masturbation, cumshot

The Cover:

And one of the pages:

I chose black & white images for a more "professional look" to imply a photoshoot. As if the pictures were taken by a Fornax photographer. The content is explicit and intended for a mature audience.

A/N: The calendar dates for 2189 are correct, btw. :D

You can download the calendar here: Most Erotic Men - Fornax Exclusive Edition

Do NOT upload pictures (or the content of the archive) to Rule34!

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