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June 15, 2013

ME3 - nude Javik - texturefix

Javik's nude textures are finally finished.

He has new, better looking palms now. I removed the highly structured and overly pigmented look and made the skin smooth and soft looking. The pigmentation begins slightly higher, leaving a noticeable area around his palm and along and between his fingers in soft-skinned turquoise blue. The red bits along his ribs are completely redesigned, including the bumpmap.

A better view of his ribs and the inside of his hand.

The red skin along his thighs with their new look. I fixed the overlapping and badly matching textures, remade the bumpmap and removed some excess bumpmapping further up his thighs. The claw marks on his belly were also changed a little. The claw slash in the middle is noticeable longer and the third slash right below was shortened to remove the overly symmetrical look.

I added a few more spots on his back and fixed the lower area at the back of his neck to match the head textures better.

A different angle from his back. His wrists had been fixed to match the new hand textures. I was forced to recreate some areas around the smooth, unpigmented skin of his palms and adjusted the look on the bodymap afterwards. 

The large, ugly spots on his shoulders have been removed and I fixed the texture seams for a more matching appearance, texture-wise.

 Same here. A better looking shoulder and some new texture work along his neck area.

Now, I can finally concentrate on new poses. ^^

My next projects will be: 

a B/W calendar with Shavik poses
a few more POV poses.

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