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Anniversary - ME3 erotic fanfic - femShep/Javik

This is a oneshot and it's written in German language. You'll have to translate with babelfish or any other online translator. I a...

July 09, 2013

ME3 - Most Erotic Couples calendar - sneak peek + mini-ficlet

Here's a sneak peek from my second Mass Effect erotic calendar, featuring femShep/Javik:

I liked this pose so much, it inspired me to write a mini-ficlet. About what happens in the picture.

Mini-ficlet “Toy”

Shavik (femShep/Javik)

oral – cunnilingus – edging – cowgirl style/missionary

(final version)

...........Javik's eyes never left her face. He watched her, mesmerized and aroused. He noticed every small twitch of her eyebrows; how her nostrils quivered with every breath she took. A deep silence lay over the room. Her trembling sighs now and then and the damp sliding between her legs almost seemed overly loud.

Jane held his gaze, studying his rigid features just as he studied hers. His hand with the dildo moved slow and gentle. He looked down to her abdomen now and then; how her labia parted with every stroke, how the toy pushed in and pulled out again in a steady, leisurely rhythm.

She pulled herself open for him, showing him the rosy, tender inside of her womanhood, allowing him a closer view of her vaginal opening. Letting him watch the back and forth of the glossy, black toy from up close.

He moaned quietly and leaned his cheek against her thigh. The red folds along his throat moved when he swallowed. His breath was glowing hot on her skin. His pupils were dilated; his slightly parted lips seemed fuller now, softer. Almost swollen.

Warm, watery drops rolled down her butt crack, tickling the sensitive skin. Jane licked her fingertip and stroked her clitoris, rubbing slow circles over and around the hard nub.

She whispered his name.

He answered with a soft moan.

His hand with the dildo started to move faster.

Her attention moved lower, along his massive chest and the heaving belly until her gaze rested on his abdomen. His erection pointed up in a steep, fierce curve. The head was thick and dark. The slit gaped open, glittering, drenched with pre-cum. The shaft was incredibly hard, the erectile tissue visibly bulging under the soft, bluish-grey skin. His balls were swollen, the sac tight and plump. She'd never seen him so horny before.

She moaned and arched into his thrusts. He pumped even quicker. Harder now.


Much deeper.

She groaned. "Javik..."

His eyes left her face and rested on her abdomen instead. She spread her labia, teasing him with the sight. The aroused nub jutted from her open slit. His features froze. The tip of his tongue darted out, wetting his lips before he leaned forward. His hot breath was hitting her slick folds. His lips and tongue seemed even hotter. She twitched when his tongue parted her nether lips, circling her clit eagerly.

Javik pulled the toy out of her and dropped it, uncaring about where it went the moment it hit the ground. His member pulsed and jerked fitfully. The three-fingered fist closed around it. She craned her neck and looked on, how he pulled the skin fully down. The soft, red folds below the head stretched and expanded, pulling downwards with the slow motion. The shaft twitched, pre-cum oozed from the slit, seeping down over his fingers. His eyelids fluttered and he looked up into her face, his gaze slightly unfocused. Almost glassy.

He suckled her labia, one after the other, before his lips closed around the stiff pearl. He sucked gentle before his flattened tongue moved softly and slowly around it. She whimpered. Her womanhood throbbed. Javik licked her tirelessly, circling her clit so very slow until her thighs began to shiver. He let go of his cock and held her pussy wide open. His thumbs pushed into the tender flesh until the bud emerged in full length. He lavished it with his tongue, teasing and tormenting her with tender strokes right at the tiny glans.

Jane was incredibly aroused. Her abdomen pulsed from time to time; her nether lips were engorged, gaping and thick. She panted loudly. He always brought her so quickly towards the edge, driving her mad with lust. He quickened his pace, alternating between soft, circling motions and rapidly fluttering licks back and forth over the tip.

Her fingers clenched around the armrests until her knuckles turned white. She watched him, how he squatted between her widely spread thighs while his tongue moved in her slit. He looked up to her again, studying her expression. The lust in his eyes made her groan. He had to let go of her labia and felt around for his cock. The loosely closed fist moved slowly up and down, stopping ever so often until his balls relaxed and dropped again. His dick was thick and heavy now, jerking impatiently between his stroking fingers. She knew that he wanted to wait. Until she came first. Her abdomen began to move. Almost unnoticeable at first but soon faster, urgent, pushing against his mouth.

She moaned and opened her thighs wider for him. His lips formed a tight seal over her clit now. He sucked and suckled, moving his mouth a little left and right. His hard breathing mixed with her trembling pants and the slick squishing of his pumping fist.

She was so close. So goddamn close!

Javik felt it, too. He started to wheeze and doubled his efforts, stimulating her quite roughly now.

Jane's head fell back.

She gasped. Loudly. Before a deep, long groan left her mouth.

"Ahhh!!! Yesssssss!! YEESSSS! OhgodJaviiikk!!!" She pushed fiercely against his mouth, bucking and jerking.

He joined in her moaning, muffled and half-choked, still caressing her twitching slit, feeling her orgasmic contractions with tongue and lips. Her fingers clenched and unclenched around the armrests.

He waited until her rigid form started to relax again before he pulled back from her and lay down on his back.

"Come to me."

She slipped out of the chair and joined him on the floor, crawling on top of him.

His crest hit the ground with a dull "klok". His hands seemed everywhere on her body. He panted. Open mouthed and erratic. His loins pumped a little, unable to control himself any longer.

She grabbed his bobbing member and leaned down over him. He arched into her, moaning, pushing against her lips. Jane pulled the skin down and lowered her head at the same time, taking him in. The head had flared noticeable, filling her mouth like a massive, overgrown cherry. She teased the wet slit with the tip of her tongue, moving her head in the same rhythm with which her hand wandered up and down his length before he left her lips with a sucking “flop”.

She licked up and down the sensitive underside, the tip of her tongue tickled him in all the right places; right below the head and under the flared ridge, along the grooves and folds of red skin now stretching halfway down his cock. She licked the oozing pre-cum away and took him back into her mouth again. Just the glans this time, sucking, moving her lips up and down over the swollen ridge while keeping the skin tight. Her other hand played with his balls, kneading them softly. She stopped whenever they pulled up against the shaft, giving him time to calm down again – only to start anew after a moment. Stimulating him with the gentle up and down of her sucking mouth, taking him in as far as she could with every downward motion and raising her head until he almost slipped from her lips. 

Jane knew how much he loved this; the sight of him disappearing inside her mouth, the suction on the glans, the gentle swirl of her tongue along the ridge. She felt him throbbing between her lips, tasted the leaking pre-cum. He was incredibly thick now, and hard as stone. He barely fitted into her hand still resting at the base of his shaft.

His massive body shuddered and twitched under her now and then. She played with him, keeping him close to the edge but without allowing him the relief he craved. His three-fingered hands raked through her hair. He moaned in agitation whenever she raised her head, fully releasing him, waiting until his urge to ejaculate faded again before she continued.

Javik began to whimper. He couldn’t take much more and pushed upwards, shoving his length deeper into her mouth. He panted hotly; tousling her hair and pumping in and out. Jane held still, letting him move between her lips before she straightened up, and Javik pulled her forward. Both of them gasped and wheezed. She straddled his hips and he held his length up and away from his body, making the penetration a lot easier for both of them.

She looked into his face and sat down. They moaned in unison when he entered her.

His face twitched and distorted. He pinched his eyes shut. His mouth dropped open and he arched into her downward motion. Jane sank slightly forwards, resting her hands on his chest and started to move while he answered her up and down motion with impatient thrusts. They tried finding a harmonic rhythm together and had to stop again.

Javik was too aroused to wait until she accommodated to his pace. He clasped her pelvis and pushed with his whole body sideways. She followed the motion until they turned around and he was on top. She raised her legs behind his back. As high as possible.

She wanted him deep. As deep as he could.

Javik straightened up over her and started to move. Quick and hard. He couldn't control himself any longer. He just had to come.

"Ahhh! Fuck!! Fuck me, yeah!" She clawed at his upper arms and looked up into the rigid grimace over her. She held his gaze, watching his expression the moment he began to thrust; the faraway look in his half-closed eyes, the clenched teeth bared between trembling lips.

His loins pumped hard and fast, hammering her mercilessly. He was rock-hard inside her. Enormous. Bigger than ever before. His size hurt her this time, stretching her tender entrance until it stung. But it was a sweet, a welcomed pain.

Every thrust rocked her whole body. Javik almost pushed her over the ground. His pelvis slapped hard between her wide open legs. Jane's fingernails dug into his shoulders, leaving crescent-shaped marks in his skin. He didn't seem to notice. He swelled even more inside her. She gasped for breath and heaved a throaty moan, clenching her inner walls around him.

His frantic pumping soon ended with a shudder and a loud, throaty grunt before he began to moan. He pushed his length deep into her womanhood, pressing himself hard against her crotch. His cock pulsed and twitched madly inside her. She panted and groaned until he lowered himself, kissing her breathlessly.

She pulled him further down and crossed her legs behind his back, holding him in place between her thighs. She loved it when he came inside her and this time, she almost meant to feel he hot, quick spurts and how he filled her with his seed.........

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