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Anniversary - ME3 erotic fanfic - femShep/Javik

This is a oneshot and it's written in German language. You'll have to translate with babelfish or any other online translator. I a...

August 07, 2013

ME3 - erotic comic - "40 hours" teaser - bisexual content (F/M/M)

I'm getting close to the erotic scenes for "40 hours". The comic will be finished in about 4 weeks.

"40 hours" is a PWP, featuring femShep/Javik/broShep in some hot threesome action.

Warnings: AU, bisexual (F/M/M), male-on-male 69, sex for spectator, anal, oral, masturbation, threesome

Here's a first teaser (content may vary in the comic's final version):
(three poses, nine pics)

Being (temporarily) stranded on an uncharted world has its advantages. No one's going to interrupt them. Therefore, their little sex adventure is quite uninhibited and lustful. Especially Jane is really turned on and rubs her pussy on Javik's thigh... 

...because watching John and the Prothean kissing, listening to their soft moans and sighs, has her wet and aching in no time. She just had to grab Javik's thigh and pushed it between her legs. Her attention is so focused on watching them kiss did she even notice that the two men are playing with each others cocks at the same time?

Both John and Jane are fully shaved. Maybe they just love the feel and sight of smooth, silken skin. Or maybe humanity had indeed grown up a little and having as much body hair as possible removed is "in"? Javik, on the other hand, isn't human and he has no body hair at all, not even eyelashes. His skin must be exceptionally soft, and the bald crotch makes him look even bigger than he already is...

John and Javik are both bisexual. They not only enjoy Jane's tight pussy but each others dicks as well. And Jane enjoys watching them... especially from up-close.

And while the Prothean takes her from behind, John barely waved his erection in Javik's face and soon found himself engulfed by hot, soft lips and began to thrust, fucking his mouth...

...only to take him up the butt later. Jane rubs herself furiously, watching them and playing with Javik's member at the same time. Just look at his expression. He totally loves it, leaking so much pre-cum that it's already running down her stroking hand...

Gay sex doggy-style is such a cliché that I use this position only sporadic in gay-themed comics. Every movie with a gay erotic scene that I've seen (Brokeback Mountain, Crash, just to name a few) has doggy-style anal sex in it (if the act really happens) and I'm so tired of it that I just don't want to use it myself. I'm going to do so this time though. Because:

I want this threesome comic to be a "real" threesome, with all three of them actively participating while "Contamination" and "A lesson well learned" had mostly just two people interacting while the third one being present was more or less watching.

And with Javik on his knees and broShep behind him, taking him up his butt, that gives femShep more than enough possibilities to interact with them: she can stimulate Javik manually or - if she crawls underneath him - with her mouth. She can kiss and caress him, even getting up and offering her pussy for him to kiss and lick. She can also interact with John, playing with his balls, maybe pushing a finger up his butt, and more...

Maybe not all of the these poses will be part of the comic. Some are very posing intensive work for an "animated" scene with real thrusting being shown. I have more than enough ideas in mind though. Too many, actually, to fit them all in. :D

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