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F/F, F/M + M/M erotic fanfics, AU or movie canon for Thor 1-3 + The Avengers, can be found here!

I'm not into the comics and haven't touched a single one in my life. Every fanfic linked here is solely about the Marvel Cinematic Movieverse.

Welcome to Asgard - Loki/OFC [F/M, F/F/F/F]
The Troublemaker - Loki/OFC [F/M]
Phase 3 - Loki/OFC [F/M]
Like A Splintered Rose - Loki/Tony Stark (FrostIron) [M/M] - WiP

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Anniversary - ME3 erotic fanfic - femShep/Javik

This is a oneshot and it's written in German language. You'll have to translate with babelfish or any other online translator. I a...

January 11, 2014

ME3 - Most Erotic Couples 2 - broShep/Javik - download it here!

This is my third Mass Effect calendar, color, Fornax style, with 12 erotic pictures, featuring John Shepard & Javik.

The calendar comes in three languages. English, Prothean + Standard Galactic Language

14 pages, including the cover and a "last page" with a preview/summary of all pictures included

Size: 2200 x 1220 pixel (17 MB)
Rating: M/R/18+

Warnings: full frontal nudity, gay erotic, anal, oral, mutual masturbation, fingerfucking, cumshots

Download link:  Most Erotic Couples 2 - gay erotic edition

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