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Anniversary - ME3 erotic fanfic - femShep/Javik

This is a oneshot and it's written in German language. You'll have to translate with babelfish or any other online translator. I a...

July 14, 2014

ME3 - erotic comic - WiP - Shepard's Birthday

Shepard's Birthday 
- Work in Progress -

(Erotic comic No. 7 of my Mass Effect 3 comic series)
Size: Mini-Comic (approx. 35 - 75 pages)


Theme: Romance/Erotic (seduction, tenderness)
Pairing: femShep/Javik
Cameo: Wrex

Here's a sneak peek for my next comic, "Shepard's birthday". This preview might contain spoilers!

The pictures are only partly finished. Only the most basic photoshops have been done so far! Drinks will be added later to the glasses, DoF and additional light rendering is still missing, too.

I've wanted adding Wrex in "5 short stories" already but after rewriting the scenes for story No. 3 ("Not here"), his cameo had to be reduced to a single picture. I wanted to make up for that and dedicated the whole intro scene to him this time.

The living room is beautifully decorated (Gmod map "luxury death", converted by Evil Ash, Digital Ero) and I wanted to show that from as many different angles as possible - without forcing the scenery upon the audience. It also gave me a nice opportunity to show Javik's fascination with his Commander. And that there's more to his observations than meets the eye first...

Javik and Shepard having a lively talk after the others guests are gone...
I've spend twice as much time posing them for this comic and took great care with the finger-posing this time, creating different fingerposes for every single picture. For both of them. I also tried giving them a natural looking and convincing body language. The alcohol will be added to their glasses later (photoshopped). I despise any kind of alcohol-induced flirtations, that's why they're still sober when they're about to get frisky.

The seduction had to be something truly unique and special this time. And what's better suited than having Shepard and Javik dancing together to initiate first advances, caresses and tenderness? Although I wasn't sure how to make them dance, tbh. I'm a rotten dancer, even worse than Shepard and contemplated googling for dancing poses, using them as references.

In the end, I decided against using professional poses and went with my instincts. FemShep is a horrible dancer and with me being no way better, I just did what I would've done in her position. And with Javik being just as inexperienced (I seriously doubt that he had the time to learn to dance while fighting Reapers), it was quite a challenge for me and I had to start over again several times until the poses looked more natural.

It's not so much about really and truly dancing together but expressing fondness and tenderness for each other. Because, over time, Javik and Jane have fallen for one another without realizing the true depth of their affection...

... Until now...

An erotic preview will follow soon.........

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