The Shavik (femShep/Javik + broShep/Javik) ship at its best:

couple erotic: in Shep's quarters, outdoors, in Shep's appartment, his/her POV, fun on Omega, handjob & fingering , same-sex pleasures, erotic calendar, a playful couple, sensual reminisces, footsie play, Partytime, the Morning after, Tender & Gentle, naughty playtime

kinky pleasures: roleplay, group sex, threesome, two Shepard's to play with, time to play, fun with clones, playing with toys, a playful couple, the Protheans delight, the Geth, the Quarian and the orgy, Quality Time, threesome with Garrus

Javik solo's: nude is beautiful, hot and bothered, B/W erotic poses, exploring the Extranet, a perfect Prothean, lineart, Bathhouse fun, Sensual & Naughty

The Gift, Javik has a gift for femShep (LI-style romance/erotic)
The Avatar of Hope, femShep to the rescue! (LI-style romance/action/erotic)
40 Hours/Homecoming, two Shepard's to play with (PWP/lover's sex)
5 short stories, couple erotic and roleplay (PWP/romance/threesome)
Shepard's birthday/Practical Joke, new love & a surprise (romance/erotic/PWP)
!!NEW!! Stranded, a sensual adventure in the tropics (erotic & romance)
3 erotic short stories (futaShep/Javik + femShep/Javik/Garrus) WIP!!!

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Anniversary - ME3 erotic fanfic - femShep/Javik

This is a oneshot and it's written in German language. You'll have to translate with babelfish or any other online translator. I a...

July 28, 2014

ME3 - erotic comic - WiP - Shepard's Birthday - erotic preview

I'm finally half way through the erotic poses and decided to use a few for a preview...

I'm aiming at a very intimate and tender tone this time, packing some new stuff into this comic:

- prolonged foreplay
- mutual, slow undressing (all of it visible, no "some later..." caption while jumping from fully dressed to fully nude at once)
- lovemaking instead of the 'usual' action, just as explicit as always but more focused on femShep's and Javik's emotions while having sex
- longer penetration scenes at a slower pace (no fast/hard thrusting this time)

 It's their first night/morning together, and both of them are taking their time, savoring every touch, every caress and every kiss... 

Javik is more than just a little aroused. They both are...

A sweet, slowly paced foreplay...

I was tempted using a POV shot here but decided against making one. How he's watching himself moving slowly in and out of her is a lot more erotic. 

A closeup of her pussy, showing her big, stiff clit. 

I'm still spending a lot of time and effort on every pose and expression. FemShep is always so distanced and cold in the games, even with her LI. That's why I wanted to show an opposite, a more believable personality, with her being visibly in love, glowing, craving his touch and closeness. And so does he...


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