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Anniversary - ME3 erotic fanfic - femShep/Javik

This is a oneshot and it's written in German language. You'll have to translate with babelfish or any other online translator. I a...

September 05, 2014

ME3 - Javik nude - final update

The Javik ragdoll received another update. One that greatly enhances his look:

I made a few testposes, mostly to see how he's now reacting with the ambient light. And, as awkward and silly as the poses look, they show off his muscle structure and the skin details very nicely.

Granted, I couldn't resist very long and played around with the last testpose, making it a little sexier than what was initially planned and added a drop of pre-cum.

This is my favorite from the picture set. That look in his eyes, mmmh. :P

I've been working on the Javik ragdoll for two years now. Adding stuff, tweaking, fine-tuning and tinkering with his physics. Making him better, prettier and easier to pose. 

He would've never seen the light of day without DxN from Digital Ero and Gnin from Gninsdimension. I'm very grateful for everything they did. Without them, this ragdoll wouldn't be as incredible as it is. I made only a bit of texture stuff, they, however, were breathing life into him!


DxN - modelling, headhacking
myself - nude + bodysuit textures, modified ragdoll physics
Gnin - additional texturework, all finishing details, skin details, alphas, muscle
           definitions, vmt's and optical enhancements

My favorite Prothean began his life as a private project. I knew, right away while playing ME3 for the very first time, that I wanted him as a nude model for erotic poses and comics. And, over time, the project grew slowly but constantly. And, as excited as I was about the progress and how he changed from a simple heap of bodyparts to a real model, I soon realized that I had to make a difficult decision; if I wanted to share him with the community or not. 

I had two years to decide. Two years in which I experienced joy and pain, abuse and kindness. And these experiences influenced me:

He's Garry's Mod exclusive. I don't want him ported over to XNALara but people will do so anyway. Without my consent. Plus, he's meant as a bisexual character and a Shepard-only LI. And the last thing I want to experience is a model I put all my heart, work, time and love into being used in ways I would never approve of.

I cannot dictate what people are doing with him as soon as he is available for everyone but I'm not willing to deal with unpleasant consequences because of that. And that's why I won't share him with the community. I just don't trust ppl to play nice and respect my wishes after downloading him. Especially not after having to report my works repeatedly on Rule34 for removal, despite the "do not upload... clause" added to every post. The internet demonstrates too often that others are too disrespectful towards an individuals terms/requests. The nude Javik ragdoll began as a private model and I'm forced to retain that in future; by keeping him private. I'm sorry.

Do NOT upload to Rule34!

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