The Shavik (femShep/Javik + broShep/Javik) ship at its best:

couple erotic: in Shep's quarters, outdoors, in Shep's appartment, his/her POV, fun on Omega, handjob & fingering , same-sex pleasures, erotic calendar, a playful couple, sensual reminisces, footsie play, Partytime, the Morning after, Tender & Gentle, naughty playtime

kinky pleasures: roleplay, group sex, threesome, two Shepard's to play with, time to play, fun with clones, playing with toys, a playful couple, the Protheans delight, the Geth, the Quarian and the orgy, Quality Time, threesome with Garrus

Javik solo's: nude is beautiful, hot and bothered, B/W erotic poses, exploring the Extranet, a perfect Prothean, lineart, Bathhouse fun, Sensual & Naughty

The Gift, Javik has a gift for femShep (LI-style romance/erotic)
The Avatar of Hope, femShep to the rescue! (LI-style romance/action/erotic)
40 Hours/Homecoming, two Shepard's to play with (PWP/lover's sex)
5 short stories, couple erotic and roleplay (PWP/romance/threesome)
Shepard's birthday/Practical Joke, new love & a surprise (romance/erotic/PWP)
!!NEW!! Stranded, a sensual adventure in the tropics (erotic & romance)
3 erotic short stories (futaShep/Javik + femShep/Javik/Garrus) WIP!!!

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Anniversary - ME3 erotic fanfic - femShep/Javik

This is a oneshot and it's written in German language. You'll have to translate with babelfish or any other online translator. I a...

October 03, 2014

ME3 erotic comic "Shepard's Birthday" - download it here!

Shepard's Birthday + Practical Joke
double comic 

Title: Shepard's Birthday/Practical Joke (bonus content)

Size: 81 pages (including the cover and the bonus comic)

download size: 80 MB

Rating: R/MA/18+

Theme(s): Romance/Lovestory/Erotic + PWP

Warnings: (Shepard's Birthday) couple-in-love scenario, tender sex, extended foreplay, mutual masturbation/oral, cumshot, dildo play

Warnings: (Practical Joke) futanari/dickgirl, anal sex, prostate stimulation (fingering), male-on-futa blowjob, male bisexual partner, rimming, lesbianism (mentioned only), gender-swapping/MTF (mentioned only)

Summary (Shepard's Birthday):
It's Jane's 35th birthday and she'd thrown a party for her friends. But how does one explain the purpose of dancing to Javik? Especially because learning to dance isn't really what he has in mind. But sometimes, even a Prothean has to resort to a bit of scheming to win his chosen one's heart...

Summary (Practical Joke):
Jane and Javik are having their "first night" together, but there's something she needs to tell him first. Something important...

This comic is for download only!

Do NOT download or read if you're offended by nudity and erotic content in general!

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