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November 05, 2014

Mass Effect special - savegames + mods

I'm currently playing the Mass Effect trilogy again and I'd like to provide a set of savegames from all three games - and an awesome set of ME3-mods - for you guys to download and use. 

I'm always playing a bit of a Shepard background-story whenever I start a new game in Mass Effect, about who Shepard is, her motivations, her basic character and what her likes and dislikes are. 

I'm doing the Paragon path right now, the Renegade version will be made afterwards.

This post is going to be long because I'm including a full list of all decisions my Shepard made, so, please, bear with me and take your time to read it, so the savegames won't include any unexpected surprises for you. :)

I'm only playing femShep. You can change the gender (and anything else you'd like to have changed with Gibbed's Mass Effect tools) any time you like tho.

These, unless otherwise stated, are 100 % completionists playthroughs!


Mass Effect 1:

Download link for ME1 save:  Mass Effect 1 savegame

Name: Kendra Shepard
Class: Soldier
Background: Spacer, War Hero
Rank: lvl 50
Gender: female

Paragon: 92 %

LI: none

Wrex alive: no
Virmire survivor: Kaidan
Rachni Queen alive: yes
Council alive: no
Councilor: Udina

preferred squadmates: Wrex + Garrus

100 % of all missions and collectibles done (including a noticeable surplus of resources and items)

Character layout: 
xenophile, non-romancing, highly idealistic, with high moral standards, non-flirting (she really don't like it when someone tries to hit on her)

Kendra is a top soldier, friendly towards civilians and with high moral standards. However, the events in Mass Effect are taking a toll on her and, over time, she's starting to harden up, considering more and more renegade options - until her gradually changing attitude about how to get things done finally climaxes in the fight against Sovereign.


  • light metals (33/20), heavy metals (34/20), rare earths (35/20), gasses (10/6)
  • Turian insignia (16/13)
  • League of One medallions (12/10) and ID tags (4/3)
  • Asari writings (16/10)
  • Prothean data discs (10/7)

Luna mission:
  • choose Shock Trooper

Citadel missions:
  • talked to Harkin
  • recruited Garrus + Wrex
  • investigated the suspicious gambling machine
  • let the Hanar preach in the Presidium by buying him the permit
  • accepted the mob-bosses cleanup missions for Helena Blake
  • wanted to arrest Helena Blake in the end and was forced to kill her
  • Samesh Bhatia's wife returned home
  • solved issue between Michael + Rebekah by letting her decide
  • solved the issue between the Consort and General Oraka, convinced Xeltan and received the Prothean trinket from the Consort
  • let Dr. Michel's blackmailer go, convinced him peacefully
  • killed Fist (Shepard killed him)
  • handed Fist's OSDs over to Emily Wong and planted the bug later
  • scanned all Keepers and solved the dispute between Chordan and his volus' friend, Jahleed
  • got Jenna out of Chora's Den
  • accepted to help Chellick, brought the mods back to him
  • spoke to mum and convinced Zabaleta to undergo therapy
  • agreed to find the missing brother for Garoth, was gentle when bringing the bad news
  • agreed to help Admiral Kahokou, informed him about the Thresher Maw trap
  • convinced Keeler to undergo therapy due to his stim addiction (Renegade path chosen)
  • refused helping Schells with his Quasar winning device
  • convinced Rear Admiral Mikhailovich to a nicer report by choosing paragon options only
  • did the interview with Khalisah Bint Sinan al-Jilani, choose an all out diplomatic/paragon approach
  • was nice to Conrad Verner and send him home
  • bought the Elkoss Combine licence (and every other available license, including being a preferred customer for Asari mods due to Nassana's influence)
  • Anderson knocked out Udina and used his computer

Squad mini-missions:
  • refused to give Tali the Geth data
  • did Garrus' quest (Dr. Heart/Saleon)
  • influenced Garrus to be more paragon
  • found Wrex' family armor and handed it over to him

other minor assignments and missions:
  • completed all Cerberus-centered missions
  • refused giving Cerberus information to Shadow Broker
  • completed all Rachni-centered missions
  • killed Nassana's sister
  • used the Prothean trinket on Eletania
  • found the data module without harming the little monkeys
  • convinced Father Kyle to turn himself in
  • refused the bribe from Dr. Ross on Nodacrux, tried arresting her and had to kill her
  • rescued the drugged hostages without any sacrifices (all scientists alive)
  • chairman Burns is alive, turned in the L2-biotics
  • Corporal Toombs and the scientist are both alive

Pinnacle Station:
  • got the apartment

Asteroid X-51 (Bring down the sky):
  • let Balak go to save the hostages, found all three dead bodies, picked Heavy Armor as reward

  • refused to smuggle for Opold
  • talked to Han Olar
  • persuaded Lorik Qui'in to testify, got Anoleis arrested
  • agreed to help Calis from Armali Council to install the spying software but told Vargas about it and scared Calis off afterwards
  • let the Rachni Queen live
  • was suspicious about Benezia's motives (Renegade approach)

  • helped the colonists by handing over the battery, killing the rabid alpha varren, destroying the Geth transmitter and re-activating the water line
  • found the data for Gavin Hossle
  • convinced Jeong with paragon option
  • let Shiala live, all 16 colonists survived

  • killed Wrex (Shepard killed him) 
  • shot Rana Thenoptis
  • Kirrahe and his team is alive
  • let Ashley die on Virmire

  • talked Saren into suicide
  • abandoned the Council
  • picked Udina instead of Anderson

Download link for ME1 save:  Mass Effect 1 savegame


 Mass Effect 2:

Download link for ME2 save: Mass Effect 2 savegame

Name: Kendra Shepard
Class: Soldier (the biotic enhancements done by Cerberus are still developing)
Background: Spacer, War Hero
Rank: lvl 30
Gender: female

Paragon: 85 %

LI: none

preferred squadmates: Mordin + Garrus

All missions (including add-ons) done, except "Lair of Shadow Broker".

Character setup: 
xenophile, non-romancing, moderately idealistic, with moderate moral standards, non-flirting

Kendra really don't like Cerberus - and the Illusive Man. She's harsh towards Jacob and Miranda, only choosing Renegade dialogues. She also mistrusts EDI at first but gradually relaxes around the AI, valuing her as a friend and loyal crew member in the end.

After visiting the Citadel, with the new Council refusing to see her and Udina being so condescending and even less of a help than before, Kendra does wonder if things would've played out differently if she had sacrificed Alliance forces to save the Destiny Ascension, rescuing the old Council. It had seemed to be the only way to make sure that Sovereign would be defeated, two years ago. But now, she does question her decisions. 

And that hardens her resolve, making her less Paragon and harsher in achieving her goals. Especially now, with her being tied to Cerberus.


had Kasumi and Zaeed on the team
never opened Grunt's tank

status of genophage cure: destroyed
Samara/Morinth status: Samara is alive
re-instated as Spectre: no
status of Collector base: destroyed
status of heretic geth: rewritten

loyalty missions done: 11
status of loyalty missions: 10 successes, 1 deliberate failure

  • 50 % of the crew died, Dr. Chakwas survived
  • non-loyal Tali died with a rocket to the face

brought Legion for Tali's trial

did all loyalty quests with a paragon approach, except Tali's mission: did an all-out renegade approach, had her father declared a war criminal and post-humously expelled

explored every planet, did all mini-missions when anomalies were detected

  • Lair of Shadow Broker DLC: installed but not played
  • completed "Project Firewalker"
  • completed "Project Overlord"
  • brought Legion for "Overlord", rescued David, send him to Grissom Academy
  • completed "Arrival", tried to warn the batarians, took a full Renegade approach with Dr. Kenson and shot her, stood up against Harbinger and threatened the Reaper

got mails from:
  • Dr. Michel
  • Emily Wong
  • Shepard's mother
  • the asari Consort
  • Samesh Bhatia
  • Kate Bowman (Bring down the Sky)
  • Lizbeth Baynham (ex-scientist, ExoGeni HQ on Feros)
  • Chairman Burns (L2 reparations)
  • Han Olar (Noveria)
  • Corporal Toombs
  • Chorban (scan the keepers mini-quest)

mission decisions:
  • influenced Zaeed with a paragon approach on Zoyra
  • saved the workers and ruined Zaeed's revenge
  • punched him in the face

  • told Kasumi to keep the graybox

  • handed Veetor over to Cerberus for questioning

  • told Kelly to keep it professional
  • had facial scarring healed and all signs of implants removed in MedBay
  • fully upgraded the Normandy
  • got drunk with Dr. Chakwas
  • played poker with Ken & Gabby, won 500 Credits
  • tried Gardner's Calamari Gumbo 

  • found Shepard's lost N7-helmet
  • found 20/20 dogtags
  • placed the monument

  • prevented the kid from joining the freelancers (Archangel quest)
  • stabbed Sgt. Cathka with welding tool to sabotage the gunship repairs
  • reprogrammed the Heavy Mech
  • kept Tarak's datapad, refused to inform Aria
  • saved Mordin's assistant on Omega and let the group of batarians go
  • helped the sick batarian, had him staying alive
  • scared off the looters in the turian's apartment with renegade approach

  • tricked the weapons dealer on Illium and sent her to the bar to be arrested there
  • never spoke with Matriarch Aethyda
  • was nice to Conrad Verner again, told him that he did good
  • helped Shiala, convinced Erinya to drop the contract
  • bought the Star Charts
  • solved the "blue rose of Illium" conflict by telling her to get rid of the krogan
  • prevented Miranda from shooting Niket
  • Miranda's sister is safe, had the two talking
  • saved all workers in Nassana's tower
  • handed the Kirosa family data over to the Salarian on Illium
  • shot Elnora
  • handed Pitne For over to police
  • put the "biotic god" to sleep
  • talked to the Asari on Illium and got the message from the Rachni Queen
  • found the trinket for the asari widow 
  • helped Gianna Parasini again
  • talked Hermia into a discount before ratting her out
  • refused to help Liara, only asked about Thane's and Samara's whereabouts

  • the genophage data had been destroyed
  • Maleon is alive
  • handed the combustion manifold over to the krogan mechanik
  • persuaded the injured scout to leave the Weyrloc base
  • convinced Mordin that the genophage was the right decision

  • killed Morinth

  • got a copy of the Shepard VI
  • Kolyat is doing community service
  • Sidonis was spared and is alive
  • prevented Garrus from kneecapping Harkin
  • had another run-in with Khalisah Bint Sinan al-Jilani, choose paragon approach

  • tried to reason with Kaidan on Horizon (just because I don't like him doesn't mean that I have to be an ass) 

  • found the Estevanico's wreck on the cliffside, extracted mainframe data
  • saved 13/20 crates from the Eclipse cache
  • uploaded Cerberus data about Rachni experiments to Alliance

  • was not re-instated as a Spectre due to Udina's influence

  • used the killswitch to save the city on Franklin
  • rewrote the heretic geth
  • Jacob's father is in prison
  • prevented Jack from shooting Aresh
  • investigated mining facility on Helyme, dectrypted + downloaded the data
  • shut down the Bloodpack comm relay
  • shut down the illegal dig site on Joab
  • examined the Prothean artifact

  • destroyed the Collector Base
Download link for ME2 save: Mass Effect 2 savegame


Mass Effect 3:

Download link for ME3 save: Mass Effect 3 savegame

Name: Kendra Shepard
Class: Adept
Background: Spacer, War Hero
Rank: lvl 60
Gender: female

Paragon: 52 %

LI: Javik

preferred squadmate: Javik

94 % of all missions (including add-ons) done, all War Assets and Quest Items found (minus Omega DLC and Aria's mini-mission on the Citadel).

Multiplayer: no

Clone killed herself/was killed by real Shepard: Shepard killed her
had a party in Anderson's apartment: yes

one-night stand: with Javik

the Quarian/Geth conflict: the Geth were victorious

Spectre status: was re-instated again

caught the hamster: yes
model ship collection: complete, only Shadow Broker ship is missing (wasn't available)

tricked the Krogan/made deal with Dalatrass Linron: yes
status of Eve: dead
status of Mordin: alive + helping with Crucible

helped Aria on Citadel/Omega: no

allowed Allers access to the Normandy: no

resolved dispute between Javik and Liara: no paragon interrupt, told him to ignore her

influenced Javik to be more paragon
always sided with him in all disputes he was part of

Dr. Michel/Dr. Chakwas status: Dr. Chakwas is aboard the Normandy

Reaper endgame status: choose Destroy

Character setup:
xenophile, low moral standards, without scruples

Kendra started out as highly paragon-ish and idealistic in ME1 but she became darker and harder in ME2, and in ME3, she lost all scruples, deceiving allies or even killing friends getting in her way. She's still Paragon, but her Renegade ratio more than tripled from ME1 to ME3.

additional squad recruited: Javik, Kaidan

got emails from:
  • Kirrahe
  • Thane
  • Miranda
  • Shiala
  • Maelon Heplon

Eden Prime:
  • found all intel for Eden Prime resistance
  • rescued Javik from Cerberus
  • brought EDI as squad mate
  • shooed Liara away (Normandy) and talked with Prothean in private

Citadel missions:
  • helped Jondum Bau with the indoctrinated Hanar (loyal Kasumi survived the explosion)
  • had another run-in with Khalisah, used the Paragon interrupt to ensure her cooperation
  • met Michael + Rebekah on the Citadel again
  • bought all available fish this time + aquarium VI
  • refused to see Aria in Purgatory
  • never went to Omega (Omega DLC installed but not played)
  • killed Udina (Shepard shot him)
  • completed the investigation for Noles, killed Balak this time
  • allowed Cpt. Sommers with Renegade option to kill the arrested Cerberus informant
  • refused to shut off the batarian terrorist's life support in the Refugee camp
  • took the pictures for the Salarian reporter
  • fixed MediGel dispensers
  • talked with Conrad again, got his support for the Crucible
  • Conrad survived the attack, thanks to Jenna
  • welcomed Kaidan back into crew (after some hesitation)
  • took a renegade approach with Tacus (the medical supplies for Dr. Chakwas)
  • solved the issue with Din Korlack + met Zaeed, threatened the volus
  • delivered Krogan's Last Message to Ereba on the Citadel
  • delivered last message from fallen Commando to Weshra
  • told Dr. Chakwas to save the brandy for later

 Squad centered decisions:
  • talked to Miranda all three times
  • visited Kaidan twice in hospital (2nd and 3rd time), bought him whiskey
  • talked to Thane in hospital
  • left Thane to die alone after the coup
  • issued R & R for Cortez, made him feel better, had a drink with him in Purgatory
  • talked to Zaeed in Refugee Camp
  • met Jacob in hospital
  • met Javik in embassy, took Paragon interrupt and he gave pep talk
  • ignored Joker, EDI, Liara, Kaidan,Vega and Garrus
  • met Jack in Purgatory

Grissom Academy:
  • took Renegade approach with Jack
  • met David (Project Overlord) again, was friendly to him
  • assigned the students for frontline action

 Leviathan (DLC):
  • took a full Renegade approach with Ann Bryson while contacting Leviathan
  • took the Husk head for Shepard's cabin
  • threatened Leviathan into coorperation

  • took Renegade interrupt when talking with Dalatrass
  • was harsh and unfriendly to Wreav
  • told him the Krogan wouldn't deserve the Genophage cure
  • Mordin recognized Javik as being Prothean
  • took a diplomatic approach with Eve, ignored her aboard the Normandy (never talked to her)

  • was friendly to Tarquin Victus
  • kept the Shroud Tower sabotage secret both times
  • sabotaged the cure and convinced Mordin to go along with it

Missing Scouts:
  • helped the Rachni Queen escape
  • Dagg's team was killed

 Cerberus Scientists:
  • helped the scientists to escape

Ardat-Yakshi Monastery:
  • took an all-out Renegade approach throughout the whole mission
  • allowed Samara's suicide
  • killed Falere

Geth Dreadnought:
  • sided with Zaal'Koris, reprimanded Quarians for attacking the Geth
  • punched Han'Gerrel in the gut
  • prevented Xen's experiments on Legion
  • ignored the Koresh's distress call in War Room (Normandy)
  • ignored dispute between Gerrel and Xen

  • saved Zaal'Koris
  • entered Geth Consensus and recruited additional Geth Primes
  • sided with Legion, exterminated the Quarian race
  • threatened the dying Reaper Destroyer and finished it off for good

  • sided with Javik every time
  • refused the Paragon interrupt when Liara threatened Javik, told him to ignore her (Normandy)

  • Miranda survived
  • Shepard shot her father

Javik touched the Echo Shard: no

Citadel (DLC):
  • was friendly to Brooks until re-entering the Normandy in the end
  • Shepard wanted to kill her but allowed Javik to take the shot
  • had a dance with Javik upstairs in the Casino
  • was hostile towards the Clone and killed her in the end
  • met Javik while on shore leave (no Paragon interrupts)
  • had a trip with Cortez in the Shuttle
  • hung out with Miranda in Casino
  • ignored Kolyat's memorial service
  • ignored Jacob's invitation
  • met Zaeed and helped him with the game
  • won the Volus plush toy for the apartment
  • allowed Kasumi to rob the Casino
  • called Mum
  • prettied up the apartment, bought everything available
  • met with Jack at Armax Arena
  • went to the Armax Arena, completed all mini-tasks
The party:
  • had an energetic party
  • invited only Javik, Jack, Miranda and Garrus
  • had sex with Javik after party

TIM's base:
  • watched all vids

Earth (final missions):
  • had a last talk with Javik, used Paragon interrupt and shook his hand
  • talked with Cortez, Mordin and Miranda, ignored the others 
  • saved the injured Javik on the run to the beam, convinced him (Paragon approach) to leave with the Normandy
  • talked TIM into suicide
  • destroyed the Reapers
Shepard's final status: was last seen alive and breathing

Download link for ME3 save: Mass Effect 3 savegame


Modding Mass Effect 3 (Shepard's appearance):

I'm using quite a bunch of mods for ME3 and I uploaded a few of them as a complete set. The Ottemis armor textures and MOM (Mother of all mods) are NOT included! I only added the stuff needed to re-create my femShep's appearance, her face and hair:
  • hair + face textures
  • hair meshes
  • 2 headmorph files for use with Gibbed 
  • preview pics for both headmorphs
  • detailed instructions about how to implement the meshes correctly

 Download link for hair/face mod: HERE

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