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November 29, 2014

ME3 - Javik lineart - TeoDA special

When I started this blog three years ago, I never expected it to reach 100,000 hits one day.

Because, without you all, "The erotic of Dragon Age" wouldn't be what it is today. And I'd like to thank you guys for that; with a special project I've been working on for some time. 

I made this Mass Effect lineart to celebrate TeoDA's first milestone. But it's as much as a jubilee gift as it is a statement of sorts. This is a Shavik-piece, even if Shepard isn't in it. Because I picked the apartment from Citadel DLC for the background, the reading corner, where Javik's waiting for his mate. 

This is also the most challenging (and ambitious) lineart I ever made. Not only because I added a background for the first time but also for wanting him to match the ragdoll I'm using, down to the scarred over claw marks on his belly and the dark spots on his chest and balls. 

Thank you so much, guys. I hope you're going to accompany me to the next milestone as well. ^^

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