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Anniversary - ME3 erotic fanfic - femShep/Javik

This is a oneshot and it's written in German language. You'll have to translate with babelfish or any other online translator. I a...

January 03, 2015

ME3 - Most Erotic Couples III - sneak peek + mini-ficlet

I'm already half done with my fifth Mass Effect erotic calendar. I just started posing yesterday. :D

This time, it's about futaShep/Javik, another b/w edition:

I liked this pose so much, I just had to write a mini-ficlet about it, what happens in the picture...

The Protheans delight

Warnings: futa/dickgirl, male-on-futa blowjob, foreskin play, cum swallowing, snowballing (implied)

Shepard moaned softly. Her head hung down over the edge of their broad double bed, legs parted, one foot resting on Javiks thigh while her other knee was slung over his shoulder. His warm, three fingered hand caressed the base of her cock, stroking the silken-smooth skin and fondling her shaved balls with the other one - before he turned his attention towards her dick.

Mere minutes ago, she'd been just as intrigued by his alien penis; the thick, fleshy ridges along the underside, the soft, velvety skin. Jane kept exploring the shape and different textures with fingers, lips, tongue and mouth until her curious teasing brought him over the edge. She could still taste his cum in her mouth when he flipped her over, returning the favor.

He started teasing her quite curiously. But it wasn't so much about her having a cock that mesmerized him so. He was fascinated with the foreskin. The way it moved up and down with every slow stroke. He watched with rapt delight, eyes focused on her length, lips slightly parted in concentration - how the hood covered the glans and rolled back down again, tightening the frenum.

He pulled at the loose skin, feeling and rolling it between his fingertips before he slicked his first finger with saliva and pushed it under the hood, moving it slowly around between glans and skin. Only to repeat the gentle exploration with his tongue.

She raised her head and watched him. Watched his tongue and how it wiggled and moved around. That long, slim, caramel colored organ. It was almost obscenely long and quite flexible. As if the Protheans faint trademark pout wasn't already enough to turn her on. She wouldn't be surprised if he could make her come only by watching him licking and lapping so eagerly...

He pulled back and raised his head a little before he pushed the foreskin fully down, exposing her length. Javik looked up into her face. He studied Janes expression and placed a soft kiss onto the glans before he licked the drop of pre-cum away and took her into his mouth.

She groaned, aroused and watched herself disappearing between his lips. He moved his head slow and deliberate. Relishing the experience and taste. His hand stroked her in tandem with the slow up and down of his sucking mouth. Oh, this was definitely not his first cock. He gave head like a pro; gentle, but with lustful determination.

He wasn't teasing her any longer. He wanted her to cum.

Shepard glanced along his body. He was half erect again, the last dribbling traces of his orgasm already mingled with freshly oozing pre-cum. He pulled his head back up at once, slightly out of breath, licking his lips and pumping her cock. He moaned softly and pushed the loose skin up as far as he could. 

Only to lick the excess feverishly, wiggling his tongue inside and lapping at the head with the downward stroke. Baring her fully again, groaning, studying the throbbing pole with glittering eyes before he dragged his tongue up and down the taught underside. Only to inhale the thick ladypole with a wet, greedy slurp.

She felt her balls tightening and moaned. He sucked stronger. Harder. He moved his head faster up and down, stimulating her with the suction of his mouth and the pressure of his lips alone. No more feeling and stroking and playing around. He was craving her release.

Javik was fully hard again, pulsing and throbbing while he straightened up over her lap. He kept her skin tight and facefucked her. Literally. His mouth moved as fast as he could without hurting her. She felt herself sliding back and forth over his tongue. The stimulus was intense. Her dick swelled even more, the tip grew hot, hard and thick.

>Now<, he whispered in her mind. >Come now.<

She wanted to warn him, giving him the chance to pull back at the very last moment. But her orgasm overwhelmed her from one second to the next. All she could do, was inhaling sharply - and arched into him before she exploded with a shuddering grunt. He held still and clasped her pulsing meat at the base.

Javik shared his pleasure with her. The white-hot lust he felt the second her dick started bucking and spurting in his mouth. He sucked and swallowed, only to suck more. Her body shuddered and shook while he caught every drop of her release. And when he pulled away again, licking her softening length first and then his slightly swollen lips, she saw the silent promise in his eyes. That their roll in the hay had just about begun. That he wanted more.

Shepard chuckled softly and all but purred with delight when he cuddled up to her while caressing and kissing her anew, exchanging her taste with a leisurely frenching.

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