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Anniversary - ME3 erotic fanfic - femShep/Javik

This is a oneshot and it's written in German language. You'll have to translate with babelfish or any other online translator. I a...

April 30, 2015

ME3 - Anderson's apartment, part two - Shavik couple erotic - Quality Time

I tried a few outfits for femShep and these two are the best and worst ones... 

My number one top outfit, a chinese dress... 
This dress comes in three colors, plain white, champagne and red. I picked the red one for this pose because the white one was too stark in contrast for the setting. And the champagne one was too close to her skintone with the ambient light. 

The "worst" outfit (for femShep), fishnet lingerie with high heels...
The outfit itself is quite sexy, it just won't fit femShep's style IMHO. Plus, the fishnet is a nightmare to edit and photoshop. Ugh.

And now on to the poses, including a mini-fic for the last two pics...

Jane and her mate are enjoying some quality time together, cuddling on the sofa, next to the fireplace...

Quite soon, the clothes gone. They're still taking their time, enjoying a sweet, slow foreplay...

...until Javik pulls her on top for some mutual oral sex, with him licking and teasing her clit with the tip of his tongue while Jane's giving head with obvious delight, alternating between sucking and stroking. 

He's finally pushing her further down his body and straightens up behind his mate, balancing his weight on both arms and pounding into her with firm, deliberate strokes while she's half-kneeling, half-squatting in front of him.

Javik soon needs a break and urges her to sit on his lap, fingering her clit and watching her expression at the same time. Jane can feel his throbbing cock nudging her labia now and then, while his finger moves faster and faster back and forth over her swollen nub. It doesn't take long until she's coming... 

They continue their mating in one of the chairs, with her legs slung over the armrests while he's now thrusting hard and fast. He stays inside her until he's completely spent and when he finally pulls out, she's sticking two fingers into her pussy - only to suck on them, tasting his cum. His attention is so fixated on her abdomen, she's spreading her labia, letting him watch how his seed starts gushing out... 

And a bit of a bonus, two pics with a little story:


Warnings: BDSM (very mild), toys, anal, orgasm control

She moved slowly on top, riding him, leaning backwards and resting her weight on his thighs while keeping her legs wide open for him.

Javik clenched and unclenched his fists in the shackles that tied him to the bed frame. He tightened his jaw, breathing heavily with flaring nostrils.

He had agreed, even if somewhat hesitantly at first, to submit to her tonight. He had been partly amused and partly skeptical about the whole thing, expecting it to be quite awkward - should bad come to worse.

But, after a slightly bumpy and slow start, their role play became more and more exciting. Jane was really into it. He could smell her arousal and sensed her intense lust. It wasn't about pain or leather-clad, paddle-wielding domination. Their play was about trust first and foremost. To experience lust without being in charge. With her wielding total control over him and his body.

She spoiled him, teased him, played him like an instrument until she deemed him ready for more. The anticipation and need soon had him moaning and squirming on the bed. He knew she wanted to hear him beg for it. That only had him playfully refusing to oblige while she teased him mercilessly in her try to coax the verbal surrender out of him...

He moaned in earnest when she used the dildo, penetrating him gentle but deep, pushing the toy in and out until he bit down on his bottom lip and barely able to suppress his aroused whimpering.

"You like that, don't you, Javik?"

He groaned softly and arched into her thrusts.

"Mmmh, just look at that." She caressed the base of his cock.

The rigid shaft bobbed above his panting belly, drooling pre-cum.

"How horny you are..." Her slim, sinewy hand fondled his swollen balls.

When she finally climbed on top of him, her pussy was so sopping wet she was literally dripping. Her labia were thickly swollen, gaping open around the vaginal opening. The clitoris stood out from between her folds like a miniature finger, dark and red, it's tiny glans exposed.

Both of them moaned, relieved, when he entered her. Their role play, however, was far from over...

She kept riding him, building his arousal until he was getting close to his relief. And then, almost at the brink of his climax, she stopped. And waited.

Jane felt him throbbing inside her. Her teasing turned into a dance on the knife's edge. He would come if she continued too quickly and his lust would fade if she waited too long.

Shepard watched his expression, the look in his eyes whenever she started moving again. Javik's attention was glued to her crotch, how she fucked him so leisurely; with her bald pussy sliding up and down his cock and how his thick, glistening pole pushed her swollen labia apart with every downward stroke.

He squirmed beneath her whenever she stopped, panting and wheezing. He was desperate to come, she could see it in his eyes. His length was glowing hot and hard as rock. Shepard shifted her weight carefully to one arm and felt around behind her butt with the other hand.

His balls had pulled up, the sack was tight and firm. She waited until they had dropped, resting plump and heavy in her palm. Only then did Jane raise her pelvis some - and felt his testicles moving upwards at once.

She stopped and Javik moaned in protest. His head sank back against the headboard, his crest hitting the wood with a firm clok.

"Jane. ... Go on, Jane! Go on."

He stared right through her with glassy eyes. His triple set of nostrils flared with every breath he took.

She rolled her hips slowly, grinding down on him, panting in a mixture of pain and pleasure over his size.

He groaned. Loudly. "Go on! Let me come."

He bucked and she pushed down with her whole weight, holding him still. And he caved in.

"Please! Make me cum. Please, let me come..."

He was begging and pleading at last, asking her to continue.

Shepard stood up, letting him slip from her hole. She knelt down between his thighs. His cock was so slippery from their mixed juices, she couldn't pull the skin back. Her hand just kept sliding down his length without any friction at all.

Jane simply held his dick at the base while closing the other hand in a loose grip around the visibly flared glans. She started kneading and stroking, squeezing the head and massaging the rim with skilled fingers - all the while watching his face and looking her mate in the eye.

He raised his loins and pushed eagerly into her masturbating hand, whimpering and gasping. It took only moments for him to come, announcing his orgasm with a shout. She moaned in tandem with him. He was pulsing rapidly in her still stroking hand and she let go of the base, quickly slicking two fingers with saliva.

Jane shoved them up his butt and he pushed back into her hand, moaning. She felt him clenching and contracting around her fingers while his cock kept pumping and spurting. His load was glowing hot and watery thin from the prolonged build-up, running down his heaving chest and belly in cloudy trails.

She stroked him until his member softened and finally let go, to suck her cum-slicked fingers before she licked every drop off his sweaty skin.......

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