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Anniversary - ME3 erotic fanfic - femShep/Javik

This is a oneshot and it's written in German language. You'll have to translate with babelfish or any other online translator. I a...

April 11, 2015

ME3 - Partytime - Shavik couple erotic - Anderson's apartment

Anderson's apartment is finally available for Gmod! It's still a beta, the ambient light is kinda wonky in some areas but the map itself is INCREDIBLE! It's the full apartment and looks exactly like the original from the Citadel DLC - only that this Gmod map includes an extra, a "secret room" of sorts. ^^

I couldn't wait with the posing and started right away, creating my version of Shepard's infamous energetic party... 

EDI and Legion are having a blast together. Joker, on the other hand, is not amused over the two AI's hitting it off with each other... 

Mordin, however, has a field day while watching Jane and Javik together, taking mental notes of the ongoing human/Prothean courtship display on the sofa close by. 

Jack's having an exceptionally good time for once - without breaking stuff or killing someone in the process. :D

Shepard notices rather quick that Javik was always nearby. Watching. Only having eyes for her. It wasn't long before he brushed past his Commander, imparting a short message with the gentle, fleeting touch. >Come...< Jane followed him over to the window, surprised by his sudden initiative when he pulled her closer...

...only to slip off together, retreating to her bedroom...

They're finally alone with each other, away from the hustle-bustle downstairs and her friends prying eyes. One kiss leads to the next and when they finally begin to undress one another, it feels so natural, so right, for them to be together. And when Javik sits down on the edge of her bed, the look on his face tells her everything she needs to know. That this night means more to him than just a curious fling...

Jane can tell that he never had sex with a human before. He is a bit tentative at first, uncertain about what she might like and what not - until lust and instincts fully take over. Shepard's hand on his raging boner and the scent of her arousal almost sends him over the edge right then. Javik can feel the slick heat of her pussy on his fingertips and then his leg the moment she climbs on top, rubbing her nether lips and swollen clit back and forth over his thigh. She's trembling with need, panting and gasping, desperate for more - and so is he. 

They quickly change their position on the bed, with him kneeling beside her while Jane is fingering herself frantically. And the second he starts stroking himself, a deep groan passes her lips. She's watching him, the long, swift strokes up and down his manhood while playing with his balls at the same time... 

...until she tells him to lie down. Javik is so worked up, he's hardly able to wait any longer, urging her to ride his cock. Both of them are moaning when he enters her, his thick pole inching into her ever so slow. And Shepard finally understands that human and Prothean ain't fully compatible after all. He's simply too big, his impressive girth hurting her tender hole. She's still pressing down on him as far as she can - until he stops her with a firm grip around her slender waist, sensing the discomfort he's inflicting upon her. 

His manhood is throbbing inside her almost rhythmically, the swollen head nudging her cervix. She can hardly breathe with him filling her so and leans forward with a grunt, resting her weight carefully on his chest until his panting nod tells her to go on. His hands around her waist are guiding her into a steady, gradually quickening rhythm - until he lets go and grabs her thighs instead.

She's riding him faster and harder, watching his rapidly changing expression and listening to his gasps and groans. His attention is just as glued to her panting face. Every up and down brings them both quickly closer towards the edge. They never break eye contact. Seeing the lust in each others eyes is the strongest aphrodisiac a couple can strive for.

Jane knows that he's coming even before he starts to moan. He seems to grow another inch, swelling and flaring inside her and she clenches her vaginal muscles as strongly as she can. Javik shudders and grunts, eyes glazing over and almost rolling up into his head. He heaves a silent moan, arching into her thrusts and pressing her down onto his dick. His face distorts to a grimace, almost as if he was in pain. 

And he starts pulsing frantically inside her, filling her with his seed while Shepard's pressing two fingers onto her clit, stroking herself with slow, circling strokes. She's coming, too, throbbing in tandem with his spurting member; both of them moaning and groaning until he pulls her forward and down. Her glowing hot cheek's resting on his sweaty, panting chest while he's caressing her neck and shoulders and riding out their afterglow together. 


And some fun poses at last...

After endless, merciless teasing, he finally brings her to a mind-blowing orgasm...

...while she returns the favor in the library, milking him dry between her boobs.

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