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June 20, 2015

ME3 - bathhouse fun - Javik solo erotic

I have no idea what a Prothean bathhouse might've looked like but I think this Roman public bath could be close enough. My headcanon of Prothean design is actually a mix of ancient Roman and Egyptian architecture.

Why Egyptian?

First: The Prothean pyramids.

Second: Victory's interface resembles a pharaoh's cartouche.

Here's a snapshot from one of Javik's flashbacks:

And a closeup of Victory's interface next to an Egyptian king's cartouche. There are symbols inside the cartouche-like part of the interface, like an alien variant of hieroglyphs:


And now on to a few erotic poses...

I never made a pose with Javik where he shows off his back and nice ass like this... And, by the looks of it, he's really enjoying himself. The warm, humid air and the massive basins filled with heated and scented water are almost too alluring to resist. But maybe he had a nice swim already and is now relaxing on the polished stone slabs, with the underfloor heating keeping them pleasantly warm.

Javik is all alone in the bathhouse. No one's going to interrupt or disturb him in any way. He can do whatever he wants...

Compared with his species' millennia-long lifespan, and, even with him being over 200 years old, he's barely out of his teens, so to speak.

Don't let that muscular frame and the beautifully trim body fool you. He's smaller than femShep, probably about 5'6". His dick, however, is anything but small. And those big balls... makes me wonder how often he can come until he starts shooting blanks. :p

Looks like our lovely Prothean isn't just enjoying a sweet, slow wank but some self-loving as well; relishing the sensation of soft, velvety skin over rigid meat and watching the delightfully slow up and down of his hand. 

How the thick, fleshy ridges are pushing up against the glans rim from below before they begin to expand and stretch again whenever he's pulling the skin fully down. How the first, clear drop appears at the pisshole, the pre-cum gradually accumulating with every pull and stroke until the glassy drop is oozing out, slowly running down the head like a slick, warm tear...

This is my favorite from today's picture set 'cuz what's happening in it is such a turn-on.

Javik's totally absorbed in his pleasure, whispering raunchy fantasies; what he wants right now, what he likes and needs while stimulating himself extensively. He's kneading the swollen tip of his dick until the pre-cum is dripping down his fingers in glittering threads, with his other hand keeping his balls tight, pulling them down - to be able to feel their size and weight better while clenching down on is favorite toy.

You can see it in his expression when he's getting close. The lustful grimace distorting his features, the breathless, hoarse groans while his fingers are moving faster and faster along the pre-cum slicked glans. ...The sopping wet glint of the peehole...

Thighs flexing restlessly, the frantic motions of his masturbating hand is suddenly slowing down again. Balls tight and plump, he's no longer squatting on his haunches but straightening up, pelvis arching high and wide. Moaning, pointing his cock forward, he's approaching his climax rapidly - only to take the stroking hand away at the last second. 

Dick swaying and throbbing, his other fist's clenching around the sac, keeping his nuts down and low. Milky white drops are already oozing out of the pre-cum drenched slit, dripping, running and gushing in the very last buildup of a hands free orgasm; until he's toppling over the edge. And his cock starts bucking and spurting cum with every rapid jerk, his load hitting the floor with wet, heavy slaps.

And the afterglow... I'm not really sure that he's done jerking off though. That look on his face. In his eyes. I wouldn't be surprised if he starts stroking himself again soon...


A new comic will be ready in a few days. Stay tuned for "Last one out"...

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