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Little things do matter A Loki x Reader erotic fanfic Thor and Loki are back on Earth. And while the God of Thunder is being crow...

July 04, 2015

Alien(s) erotic comic "The last one out" - download it here!

The last one out
(Mini-Comic, standalone work)

Title: The last one out

Size: 21 pages (including the cover)

download size: 25 MB

Rating: R/MA/18+

Theme(s): Humor/PWP

Fandom: Alien(s)

Warnings: goofy humor, human/xenomorph erotic, dub-con, vaginal-oral-combo, cumshots, Hive-brothers on human, explicit Alien sex, non-canon stuff

Dani spends too much time in a museum exhibit, and strange creatures are beginning to appear...

This comic is for download only!

download link: The last one out

Do NOT download or read if you're offended by nudity and erotic content in general! 

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