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November 03, 2015

ME3 - Stranded - Bonus Content teaser

Here's a bit of a teaser for the bonus content comic I'm working on:

Jane and Javik crashed on an uninhabited planetoid. The pilot (some random, anonymous guy) died in the crash, the friends are the only survivors. 

They soon learn that they're on their own on a beautiful but quite dangerous world. Meteor showers are raining fire and death down on them every 100 days. They have neither food or water, and their only tools are Jane's omni-tool and Javik's knife... 

Jane was injured in the crash. I'm no fan of life-threatening, overly dramatic injuries. And, honestly, a black eye's painful enough. The texturework was a lot of fun and a bit of a challenge to make it look as realistic as possible. 

Shepard enjoying herself and the beautiful view. Her hair has grown quite a bit to show how much time has passed. The story will be adapting some kind of diary-style, "day 1", "day 5", "day 20", et cetera. 

This comic happens past the Reaper War, btw. 

Javik and his fishing spear. It's a bit of an irony that the Prothean is forced to live like a primitive, hunting with self-made weapons; spear, bow and arrows. He doesn't seem to mind though. XD

A male and a female in their prime, all alone for ages on an isolated world... it's only natural for them to seek each others company and comfort. And they're going to make the most of it - not only of their needs but the secluded island they're calling home by now as well... 

The comic starts rather dramatic and it's gonna take a while until they've established a bit of a routine but the erotic content will be quite intense. And long. There will be lots of sex, not just one encounter but several. :D

I'll continue posing now and will upload an erotic preview when I'm about to start with the naughty stuff. Stay tuned for more!

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