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December 28, 2015

ME - Garrus erotic special

These pics are an anon request from DeviantArt. Anon opted for gay or a bisexual threesome and wanted to be surprised with what I came up with. So I made both versions. :D

And I had so much fun making these, I had a posing spree! 8D

Do NOT upload to Rule34!

The nude Garrus ragdoll is definitely one of the worst models I have. The textures are a mismatched patchwork that someone had slapped together in a hurry, and the rig itself is really awful; with the arms and legs distorting so much while being posed that I was forced to restore their shapes afterwards, re-creating parts by hand, painting them. That alone took an extra day of work... :/

I cannot change the rig, but I can work some (much needed!) magic on the textures and the physics file. The ragdoll is so rigid, it's hardly poseable as it is. Whoever made this model should be deeply ashamed... >_<

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