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Welcome to Asgard - Loki/OFC [F/M, F/F/F/F]
The Troublemaker - Loki/OFC [F/M]
Phase 3 - Loki/OFC [F/M]
Like A Splintered Rose - Loki/Tony Stark (FrostIron) [M/M] - WiP

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Anniversary - ME3 erotic fanfic - femShep/Javik

This is a oneshot and it's written in German language. You'll have to translate with babelfish or any other online translator. I a...

December 25, 2015

ME3 erotic comic "Stranded" - download it here!

Title: Stranded

Pairing: femShep/Javik

Rating: R/MA/18+

Theme: erotic + romance

Size: 86 pages, including the cover (download size is 123 MB)

Warnings: perilous situations, robinson-crusoe-scenario, interspecies erotic (human/Prothean), interspecies breeding, human/Prothean romance, full frontal nudity, explicit mature content

Summary: After being stranded on an isolated world, Jane and Javik are soon aware of the arising changes in their buddying relationship, and that being "just friends" is not quite what they want...

This comic is for download only!!

Download link: ME3-Stranded

The content is intended for a mature audience. Don't download if you're offended by nudity or erotic interactions in general.

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