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Anniversary - ME3 erotic fanfic - femShep/Javik

This is a oneshot and it's written in German language. You'll have to translate with babelfish or any other online translator. I a...

December 09, 2015

Stranded - ME3 erotic comic - erotic preview

"Stranded" will be finished soon. I'm currently busy with the final photoshopping and will start with the comic creation afterwards. 

This Mass Effect erotic comic will be different from what I usually do. It's an ... experiment. Having a style of storytelling that works is nice and good but I wanted to try something else: 

- "Stranded" will be told in diary form (day 1, day 25, day 66, et cetera)
- this comic will have 5 sex scenes (instead of only one at the end of the story)
- the erotic scenes will show only parts of the interactions (foreplay, stimulation, penetration, orgasm)

Including several erotic interactions instead of only one is definitely new. I won't do that all the time from now on but I really wanted to create something that's focusing (and relying) heavily on the erotic part. Showing the whole set of action over and over again, however, would be repetitive and uninteresting, and, honestly, kinda lame. 

That's what every porn flick does. And I really don't like porn flicks. Cuz they're boring. It's not just about the annoying fake moaning and the women merely pretending to be aroused. It's also because every 15-minutes-scene in those flesh flicks shows the same interactions with only very little diversity. And I wanted to do something different. 

And to achieve that, I could show only parts of the erotic action in every sex scene; a foreplay here, penetration there, stimulation and orgasm there - for example. I'm also diverting from the "explicit stuff in every single scene" rule'o'mine: 

One scene is pure erotic and focusing on their facial expressions, and another scene is only implied, with Shepard simply stating her desire, nothing more. Everyone reading the story knows that they're going to have sex, then. That's why I'm not going to show it AGAIN. :D

"Stranded" plays on an isolated, uninhabited world.

Shepard and Javik are alone. It's just the two of them. I didn't do that because posing only two ragdolls is so much easier and faster done than hurling a whole bunch of them over the place. XD

No, I wanted to show them being isolated; away from civilization and without any means of diversity/distraction in their day-to-day activities. A Robinson-Crusoe-scenario if you will. 

The developing physical relationship between them isn't pursued out of boredom though. They're secretly in love with each other, and without any distractions or other people around, they're more or less forced to deal with their feelings and desires in a rather short time. 

I also think that Javik's a quite private person. That he's holding back emotionally in public (or in the presence of other companions) and that he only and truly opens up to someone he cares about when he's alone with said person. And I wanted to show that. His "emotional vulnerability". He not only displays feelings. He also displays happiness. Honestly, did you ever see him smile in Mass Effect 3? A happy, content smile, I mean. 


Not only because of the war with the Reapers. But because he's not in love in ME3. It's that simple, really. 

That's why I wanted to show a gentler side. A truly content and happy side of him. He really enjoys Shepard's company. He's smiling. He's teasing her playfully. He's laughing. He's enjoying life - probably for the first time ever.

Okay, and here are some preview pics. I'm gonna focus on the erotic action this time, and, as I already mentioned, "Stranded" will have LOTS of sex.....

I won't spoil the story any more and will simply show a few shots from the comic. The DoF and other postprocessing work ain't done right now, that'll be added soon: 

"Stranded" will be finished on x-mas eve, December 24th!!

This comic is my gift for Shavik fans this year. ^^

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