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Anniversary - ME3 erotic fanfic - femShep/Javik

This is a oneshot and it's written in German language. You'll have to translate with babelfish or any other online translator. I a...

January 07, 2016

Shavik - femShep/Javik - couple erotic - "Tender & Gentle"

Shavik - couple erotic XII

The map port of Anderson's Apartment from ME3 (for Gmod) had another update. And the map is truly spectacular now! The whole entry area had been added, the entryway opens and closes together with a working door holo, the background behind the shutters in the living room is no longer a screenshot but the actual strip from the game, including skycars zipping by and the glamorous, animated neon signs. 

The ambient light is much better now. The orange tint is gone and the whole apartment is very well lit. I had to place up to 4 - 6 custom lights for posing in the old version of the map. Now, I need NONE. A few ingame soundtracks had been added to the wall panel next to the fireplace, playing the party music. And the custom room from the back of the downstairs bedroom had been removed and placed outside instead, utilizing the apartment door right next to Shepard's - for the next map update. Right now, the room is merely present and a raw build without any textures or content. 

Posing in the apartment totally feels like being right in the game and that makes sex poses even more exciting than they already were!! I just had to drag Jane and her Prothean mate around for a very sensual "housewarming party"... 

Tender & Gentle

The two are really taking their time, undressing each other slowly, kissing and caressing one another, relishing in the sensation of their mate's body heat and the feeling of the loved one's skin against one's own, sharing their emotions and thoughts the Prothean way... 

They finally enter the master bedroom and get on the bed. Jane loves climbing on top of her mate and rubbing her body along his own, stimulating his semi-hard manhood wedged between them with her silken-soft mons and labia. Moving slowly back on forth on top of him and watching one another's expression, the desirous look in each others eyes; while her pussy keeps moving the tender skin back and forth his shaft... Jane's aroused nipples are brushing his now and then until both of them are aware of just how hard, stiff and sensitive the little tips have become. 

...until they finally change position, with her cuddling up against him with her back. Javik and Jane are exchanging their feelings again, their lips locked in a leisurely frenching and experiencing everything twice; their own sensations and the impressions from their mate. Javik's lust is strong and intense. He doesn't just feel the desire building up inside him, his whole body is attuned to the sensation. He's already rock solid in Jane's back, throbbing and pulsing gently, his balls are swollen and heavy, craving the tender touch of her caressing hands. 

The insides of Jane's thighs are slick with her arousal, her pussy lips are engorged and soft, the clitoris erect and big. She can hardly wait for him to touch her, to feel his hands and mouth on her mons and labia...

She can feel his irresistible gaze upon her, with him watching her expression while his gentle fingers are exploring her folds. He's taking his time, stroking his fingertips so lightly around and over Jane's crotch, caressing the silken mound and the swollen labia - only to stop his ministrations now and then for spreading her slit with first finger and thumb, opening her to his gaze. Opening her wide and deliberate. 

It drives her crazy when he does this. She can feel the spreading pull of his fingers, how the vaginal slit is stretching open, exposing the drenched inside and the throbbing clit, her aching hole. His finger dips into her vaginal opening, entering her gentle and deep and pulling away again, spreading her juices over and around  her labia. 

Jane keeps arching into his touch. Javik plays her like an instrument, making her whimper and moan just by fondling her folds. He hasn't touched her clit even once just yet and when he finally does, circling the tip of one finger so very, very slowly around her throbbing nub, Jane's holding completely still. All her senses are focused on the tiny pearl between her legs and his slow, gently moving fingertip. She can feel herself leaking, the watery drops rolling down her buttcrack and wetting the sheets. 

He's playing with her bud until she's close. They both love the sensation of her cumming through oral stimulation, and Javik goes down on her as soon as her legs are parting wide. He's laying on his stomach, pressing his rock-hard manhood into the mattress while eating her out at the same time, thrusting lightly now and then and sliding his swollen member along the sheets. His tongue keeps flicking the clit before he starts alternating between soft, fluttering strokes right over the highly sensitive clitoris glans and running the tip of his tongue agonizingly slow around her pearl. And the hornier she gets, the slower his stimulation becomes - while exerting gentle pressure with his tongue. 

He can feel her body shivering and tightening under him, until she starts pushing and pressing with the abdominal muscles. Her labia are swelling intensely and opening wide, her clit's fully emerging from the hood, suddenly all big and really hard. And that's when he flattens his tongue, stroking it very softly but with deliberate pressure in maddening slow circles over the nub. Javik never reaches the third circling stroke. Jane's always coming on the second. 

She's howling with lust this time, pressing her pussy firmly against his eager mouth. He's lapping and licking, pressing his tongue into her frantically twitching bud, licking up and down in her clenching slit, thrusting his long, flexible tongue into her vaginal opening, tongue-fucking her. Jane's whimpering madly. And loud. Her hands are clenching and unclenching, fingernails scratching over his crest. She can hear him moaning softly and quite muffled between her legs, still eating her out and licking up her leaking juices. 

The first orgasm is hardly ever the last for Jane. The first has her totally uninhibited and really horny. Even after her release, she's still aroused. And while being too sensitive for any direct stimulation right now, she's craving her mate even more than before... 

She pulls him until he's on top of her, kneeling over her chest and pointing his pre-cum slick cock right at her mouth. She can watch his expression while licking and loving his pole with lips and tongue. She's always leaving him in control of how much stimulus he needs and wants, then, with him stroking his length, retracting and tightening the skin for a more intense sensation while exposing the sensitive folds to her teasing tongue. Jane needs both hands to keep him steady, fondling and kneading his butt and running her fingertips playfully through his crack now and then. And whenever he's pushing lightly into her exploring fingers, his cum-heavy balls are brushing her boobs. 

Sometimes, she wants him to come right then. Either by sucking him off or by watching him masturbate; licking the glans and his stroking fingers at the same time, waiting for him to shoot it right into her face - or into her open mouth, over her stuck out tongue. And even when a facial is such a sticky mess afterwards, his cum is thinner than a human's, almost watery. And very slick. Jane loves to taste him, to feel the hot, pulsing squirts along the roof of her mouth and over her tongue, the taste of his semen. It's not as bitter as a human's but with a noticeable, almost bicarby aftertaste.

Today, however, they interrupt their lovemaking in the bedroom and move down to the living room area. Today, she doesn't want him to come just yet. Jane wants him to inch towards the point of no return this time; with him pumping his cock until he's getting close and stopping again to stall his orgasm - while she's getting ready for him with a dildo, fucking herself slowly and steadily until her body is ready for another climax. 

And when he tells her that he's close, really close, she puts the dildo away and wants him inside. Today, however, Javik is a little too close to the edge and starts dribbling cum already. Jane can see the cloudy, small puddle forming on his belly, the milky dribble down the shaft and the sudden, wet sheen of his clenching fingers. He's panting loudly and has to fight to stay in control, forcefully suppressing the urge to ejaculate until it is safe for them to mate for real. 

Javik enters her just slow, moving only hesitantly over and inside  her. His manhood is glowing hot and swollen to full size now, the head already slightly flared and thickened, the shaft throbbing and pulsing fitfully inside her. Every slow stroke is squelching and squishing in Jane's drenched pussy. The position they're making love in prevents her from clenching the vaginal walls around his member. She is wide open for him, the angle of her pelvis allows him to penetrate her really deep. And he keeps sliding slowly in and out of her, pausing shortly after every thrust. 

Their position is very intimate. She can feel his weight on top of her, the trembling of his straining muscles, the shivering of his stretched arms to both sides, the puffs of his hot breath in her face while listening to every little moan and grunt, his soft sighs and every quivering, slow exhale. And, every now and then, he's leaning down just a little, his open lips aiming for her panting mouth, with them kissing and frenching through another slow thrust or two before they're forced to part again.

He needs to come. She can see it in his eyes, his rigid, lust-distorted features. And she wants him to come. Deep inside her... She can feel the moment he's toppling over the edge, how his cock swells even more on the final thrust, the sensation of him pulsing and twitching inside her, flooding  her with his come until it starts seeping out, gushing in a hot, slick trickle down her buttcrack and wetting the white leather upholstery beneath. 

His arms are finally giving way. He's sinking down on top of her, both of them panting, his cheek's resting against her sweaty boobs while her fingers are running slowly up and down his sweat-drenched back. They're riding out their afterglow together, and even with him recovering as fast as any male does, he never gets up or changes his position at once. It's not just the sex and intimacy that has them remaining like this for some time. Both of them need - and want - the prolonged physical contact. 

His manhood is shrinking and softening noticeable until it's sliding slowly out of her, followed by another glowing hot gush of their mixed juices and secretions. The puddle below her butt is getting cold and Jane keeps searching for a more comfortable position without having to rest in the sticky mess they'd made on the sofa. And that's when Javik straightens up and pulls her with him until they're lying down on the other side of the couch, with her now resting on top of him ...

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handjob with cumshot

and some sweet missionary from behind

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