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June 06, 2016

ME3-Sensual & naughty - Javik solo erotic

Hey guys, it's been too long since I made a post. RL kept me so busy; I hardly had time for blog updates. This year's really intense but I gonna treat ya'all with a delish fanfic later on. ^^

And now, without further ado...

Javik's back. With some sweet'n'kinky solo poses.

Sensual & Naughty - Javik solo erotic

Every once a while, he's all alone in Shepard's apartment. And while Jane's dealing with the Citadel council, the Prothean has a few hours to do whatever he likes and wants. Or needs...

I can see him as a very patient and VERY sensual guy; someone who loves and enjoys taking his time, building his arousal until the urge and need for relief becomes overwhelmingly strong.

Despite his humanoid features, human clothes are always too tight and too loose at the same time. He's quite small for a male, smaller than Shepard, but with longer limbs than a human of the same statue, with very broad shoulders and a massive, muscular chest.

Sleeping in the nude was a necessity at first, although a rather unpleasant one. It made him feel vulnerable and exposed in his quarters aboard the Normandy.

But, after the Reaper War and after moving in with Jane, he'd become so used to being naked at night that he no longer wanted any specially tailored PJ's. He'd come to relish the sensation of soft bedclothes on his skin; the gentle sliding of sheets and bedding caressing his body with every move and turn.

It wasn’t just about the nightclothes being too warm and twisting around his limbs. His male anatomy is bigger than a human's and nightly erections would be unpleasant with restricting clothes. He never told Shep if every Prothean male was just as large as he is or if he's just generously endowed. ;)

With him being 5'6", an eight inch boner is quite impressive - even with the pic being made at an unfortunate angle that makes him look even bigger than he really is...

Waking up horny usually has him jerking off in the shower. The walls are amplifying every noise; the heavy breathing and the rough, ecstatic panting when lust fully takes over, and also the squishing and smacking of his saliva-slick fingers up and down over the head and the thick, highly sensitive ridges right below.

The oozing pre-cum soon has the shower stall reverberating with obscenely slick and wet wanking noises; a quickening, loud "smack-smack-smack" that has him panting just as loudly; his now hard, fast pumping with a continuously tightening grasp on his erection only interrupted and broken by his approaching climax. And, right on the brink, he yanks his hand away, gasping erratically and open mouthed, dick jumping so very close to completion. Only to continue after a moment, pulling the skin just slowly back with thumb and first finger, tightening and fully expanding the ridges with every long stroke down to the base. The stretching pull on the fleshy folds is an intense stimulus, one that has him toppling over the edge nearly at once...

The first time Javik woke alone in the apartment was also the time where he found Jane's sex toys by accident. At first, he was smirking over the impressive array of alien-shaped dildos, her Soft'n'SuppleTM silicone vibrators, the triple set of anal plugs (ribbed, knobby and smooth) and her glaringly pink love balls.

It didn't take long, however, until growing curiosity replaced the broad grin on his face with a thoughtful expression first and then an outright naughty one. And, with one of the dildos in his hands, turning it over and measuring its size repeatedly, he became more and more aware of the bodysuit's tightening strain on his erection and how long it's been since he was with another male...

Shepard knew that he was bisexual, enjoying a man's company in bed just as much as a female mate. But, so far, they had mostly just talked about it as a part of their foreplay. And the first time he did so had been quite a surprise: he'd never expected her intensely spiking arousal and the sudden, hungry gleam in her widening eyes - or the gushing wetness drenching her panties - when he demonstrated his blowjob skills on her fingers.

But now, years after their first talk and his first discovery of her toys, he had his own set to play with. He loved it whenever Jane fucked him with a strap-on or penetrated him with a dildo, with him asking her to go faster and deeper and whimpering and moaning in sheer pleasure whenever she did.

And, when he was alone, he took matters into his own hands. But he was no longer fantasizing about another male, then. He thought about his beautiful redheaded mate; envisioning her breathless replies, her voice rough and unsteady with lust, the sensation of the dildo sliding in and out, driven by her pelvis or hands instead of his own slippery grip around the silicone. Fucking himself up the ass until the need to come almost drove him crazy.

Javik's never been self-conscious or inhibited. He expressed his lust just as intensely as he experienced it, moaning and groaning, panting and pleading, asking for more, for deeper strokes, a steeper angle inside - until he was so hard and big that it began to ache; the head flared so much that the peehole was gaping open, the whole tip a deep, glossy red, the folds fully exposed and tight, the erectile tissue bulging under the velvety, now impressively veiny skin, his painfully thick and heavy manhood leaking a steady stream of pre-cum.

And, when Jane wasn't there, he turned around then, thinking of her horny expression the moment she saw his fiercely swollen shaft. And, instead of the slick heat of her drenched pussy riding him to completion, he brought himself off with a pre-cum slicked hand, imitating her frenzied riding pace and the pressure of her contracting walls milking him dry.

Being with a human mate also made him susceptible for human porn. He wasn't picky about cocks and still liked all the different shapes, sizes and colors - be it Turian, Batarian, Salarian or even a Volus' hook-shaped manhood - but he developed quite the taste for human pussy and soon realized that all the other female aliens had lost their appeal.

Just the sight of those soft, petal-like folds and the tiny bud of the clitoris peeking had him hard in no time. And, when he wanted to draw things out, he thumbed through their magazine collection, studying the different shapes of human honey pots and imagining their feel, scent and texture. 

He only regretted that women usually showed off without being aroused. All but one! Her picture wasn't really that good and quite tame compared with other shots. But she was really horny, labia swollen and gaping, her genital flushed and engorged. And that image turned him on just as much as the real thing. He just kept staring at the photograph, his erection pointing straight up in no time.

And even then, his fantasies revolved mostly around Jane and the sweet, little noises she made whenever he touched her, spreading her lips and caressing them, his fingertip moving gentle and slowly around her bud until it was stiff and big and twitching slightly, the area around the vaginal opening already swollen, making it so easy for his finger to slide inside, exploring the muscular canal until she begged him to fuck her.

And, holding onto this mental image, he felt around for the fucktoy waiting on the table... 

And now a special little photo-shoot straight from Virmire...

These two pics almost look like being made in a studio with a lovely painted canvas as a background: Though it's really an outdoor scene, I had to place a lamp for better illumination or the screencaps would've been too dark. 

The second picture where Javik is pleasuring himself with the fleshlight is not only my favorite from today's picture set but from all Javik-centered poses I've made so far. Though it's not the action itself, it's all about his body: the beautifully patterned skin and even more so his strong, masculine frame; the contrast between bulging pecs and flat abs is incredibly sexy for me while the pose itself is the icing of the cake. All in all, this shot embodies and coalesces male sensuality and beauty in a way I've never achieved before. He's so stunningly beautiful in this pose, I doubt that I'm ever going to top this. :) 

And at last, a little extra:

The aftermath of a truly toe-curling orgasm...

Just look at all that cum. He's still panting and still erect, oozing a last drop or two after shooting a massive load all over himself. Granted, jerking off on top of the piano is kinda crazy but I doubt that someone inside the vehicles noticed him doing so, zapping through the skycar tubes with 600 mph and all...

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