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Little things do matter A Loki x Reader erotic fanfic Thor and Loki are back on Earth. And while the God of Thunder is being crow...

August 13, 2016

Please - ME3 erotic ficlet - femShep/Javik


BDSM - restraints - blindfold - forced orgasm - spanking - deep throating - coitus interruptus w. cumshot - doggystyle


Slow, controlled breathing mingled with soft footsteps; circling her.


Shepard chewed on her bottom lip. Head moving slowly left and right, she tried to follow the faint noises.

The darkness surrounding her held a growing promise of excitement and expectation.

A hand touched the small of her back and moved ever so slow downward und around. Fingers brushed Jane's crotch. They lingered briefly on the silky, shaved skin and withdrew again.

Then, he moved leisurely up to one breast. A fingertip circled the nipple; teasing her.

Warm breath tickled her ear.

"What do you need tonight?" Javik's deep voice was like dark honey. Rich and sensuous.

Her mouth went dry. She blinked behind the blindfold and swallowed. "Spank me."

He made a soft noise in the back of his throat; half purr, half growl.

The low rumble rolled over her skin like a caress, tightening her nipples and raising goosebumps on her neck until she shuddered with expectation.

His hand dropped to her behind, touching it lightly.

"Feet apart." The quiet command mixed with the creaking of leather bonds.

She complied, barely able to hide her impatience. "Please."

"Silence." His voice dropped to a low murmur.

Shepard whimpered when he had her waiting.

The blindfold kept her in absolute darkness, making it impossible to tell when he was going to act.

The leather cuffs tied Jane’s arms together and held them above her head, restricting her movements. Javik had them tightened to a snug fit around her wrists. She couldn't escape the restraints - or his 'punishment' - not even if she wanted to. That idea alone fuelled her arousal.

She waited for the first slap and jumped in surprise when his hand came down on her rump with a loud smack.

"Ahh!" She gasped.

Warmth bloomed in her right flank and was spreading over the skin.

Smack. Her other cheek now showed a first, rosy glow.



"Ahhh. Yes!!" Her plump arse jiggled with every stroke.


"More..." Jane's behind had turned a lovely shade of pink.

Javik upheld a slow, firm pace, watching her reaction to every hit.

It didn't take long until she'd thrown her head back, mouth slack and open in a silent "O", lips trembling and nostrils flaring with every breath, her nipples so hard that they ached.


"A-aahhh..." The stinging bite changed to an intense, deep burn. She groaned.


He stopped at twenty and caressed Shepard's glowing red ass.

Her backside was on fire. She moaned, aroused.

His hand moved down between her open thighs.

She was sopping wet.

"You always respond so nicely."

The Prothean moved closer, letting her feel the rigid bulge of his erection.

His warm, three-fingered hands moved up and along Jane’s flat belly. He cupped her boobs and pressed an open-mouthed kiss to the side of her neck, kissing, licking and nipping slightly. Soothing every small, soft bite with a swirl of his tongue.

A warm, slick drop ran slowly down the inside of her thigh.

He pulled her slit apart until the clitoris emerged from the retracting hood and held her open, gently probing the vaginal entrance. His fingertip was squishing in her juices before he concentrated his attention on the exposed clit.

Javik moved his slick finger in slow, firm circles over and around the tiny glans. He felt the nub pulling back under the hood before it emerged again, growing harder and bigger by the moment.

His cock was throbbing against her butt and he ground himself into Jane’s backside, the garment now rough on her tender, reddened skin.

Javik could feel her clit twitching under his fingertip. It was thick, hard and long, and he played with it until Shepard was panting.

Her body began to shiver and tremble.

She was getting close and his hand jiggled quickly left and right, the fleshy lips of her sex fluttering against his stretched finger.

The redhead tried to escape the sudden onslaught and pressed back into his body, but she came only so far and groaned when he pushed her pelvis forward again from behind.

"N-No. Javik. Please. Don't make me cum yet."

Her thighs closed around his hand, the strong muscles squeezed and clenched without being able to stop the maddening caresses. She only succeeded in changing the direction from left-right to up and down. Actually, she made it even easier for him to get her off. Her closed legs trapped the nub firmly between her folds, providing a nice, slick groove for his finger to slide in - channeling the strokes right over the little glans.

Jane couldn't help but arch into her mate's hand over and again. It felt so good! She needed his touch and craved the stimulation. He had become so good at this; teasing her to the point of no return and holding her right at the edge, making her beg for it.

But not today...

Both lovers were too horny to slow down again.

She tried to fight the rapidly approaching climax while he masturbated her with quick, sloppy strokes.

"Listen to this", he ground out, breathing hard, directing her attention towards the now obscenely loud, soggy smacking accompanying his relentless fingering.

The soppy noises, his loud panting right next to her ear, the rock-hard boner throbbing in her crack with him rocking into her ass from behind and the frantic playing in her crotch - all of this combined was it what pushed her over the edge against her will.

She whimpered aloud, riding his hand, humping madly away until her pussy started clenching around his finger. They moaned in unison.

Javik continued to stimulate her with rhythmic strokes, prolonging Jane's orgasm until her rigid body relaxed and she slumped back into him.

"P-please!" She was still out of breath.

He pulled on the fasteners lining her cuffs, opening them; the small buckles and the short chain between them were clinking faintly.

"Take your position."

She complied without hesitation and got down on her knees while clasping both hands on top of her head, kneeling with wide-open legs, her back straight, head held high, with her face roughly turned in his direction.

The ruby red hair fell in rich locks over the blindfold, tickling the tip of her nose. The thick, black cloth covered about a third of her face, leaving only nostrils and mouth fully exposed. The dark red lipstick accentuated her full, soft lips.

He moved slowly backwards, towards the bed. Shepard remained motionless, waiting for his next command. Her cheeks were glowing, nostrils quivering with every breath. She was panting softly.

The posture raised her breasts and exposed her swollen, hairless sex. The smooth skin looked slightly flushed, the tip of her clit still peeked from between engorged labia.

He palmed his erection leisurely while taking in her appearance. Wetness oozed from Jane's pussy, dripping slowly down between her widely spread thighs; tiny, liquid diamonds on the mahogany hardwood floor.

The climax had taken the edge off but she was still horny. She felt sexy and sensual, willing and ready to do whatever he wanted. And it showed in her pose, her whole demeanor.

She looked utterly fuckable...

"Come to me, pet." His voice was rough with desire.

She approached him slowly on hands and knees, following the sound of his voice until her shoulder touched Javik's knee.

He took off the blindfold and waited until Jane's eyes had adjusted to the light.

"Undress me, Sh'doyh." (footnote: transl: (my) love)

Shepard opened the zipper behind his back and pushed the open suit down over his shoulders, getting his arms free first before she continued further down his chest and belly, exposing the multi-colored skin to her eyes, hands and mouth.

The garment soon pooled around Javik's loins. She pushed it back and down over her mate's cock. The bodysuit’s crotch was damp with pre-cum on the inside, pulling glittering threads between shaft and fabric. He raised his hips to make it easier for her to pull the thing fully down.

A three-fingered hand entered her field of view, grasping the swaying erection, offering it to her.

"Suck it."

She kissed the tip and licked the pooling glassy drop away. Her tongue played with the v-shaped slit, teasing the tender opening and reaming it out, before her mouth wandered down the underside. He retracted the skin until the concertinaed folds expanded. Her open lips moved up and down the sensitive ridges and grooves, thoroughly exploring his alien anatomy, licking and sucking softly.

His manhood swelled to full size. Jane looked up. She held his gaze and took him slowly into her mouth at the same time. Deeper and deeper. As far as she could take him. She knew that he loved to watch himself disappear between her lips and waited a moment before she let go of him again. He slipped out with a wet slurp.

Another pause. Shepard ran the slick, smooth underside of her tongue over the head. He exhaled with a soft, low moan; his cock pulsed against her lips, releasing a tiny spurt of pre-cum. She licked the warm drops away and placed both hands on his buttcheeks, pulling him forward while lowering her head at the same time.

Muscles flexing, he raised his pelvis some, pushing gently upwards. She pulled back when he retreated and pushed even further down on the next, slow thrust – until he slid down her throat.

Jane kept kneading his butt, signaling him with it to continue. He moved deep but gentle, watching her face, the slow in and out of her mouth, his own features soon a rigid, ecstatic grimace.

She could see the lust in his eyes, heard it with every quivering exhale and shaky sigh and swallowed around his dick.

He moaned and pulled away. His member was glistening wet with saliva, the shaft thick and heavy, the head now a deep maroon.

"Get on the bed."

She climbed onto the comforter and remained on hands and knees until the mattress shifted and dipped to the right when Javik approached her from behind. He placed his hand between her shoulder blades and pushed. She lowered her upper body until her cheek was flush against the bedcover, reaching behind her legs and spreading herself open.

Javik moved closer and rubbed the tip up and down in her glistening pussy. Placing the glans at the entrance, he stilled himself for a moment. Then, he pushed inside with a firm, deep thrust, impaling her on his massive cock.

He took her rough, pounding hard and fast. Jane's boobs jumped violently with every thrust. His fingers dug into her hips, pelvis smacking into her ass in a furious staccato, his balls slapping her clit.

Shepard hardly had any breath left to moan. Only small, grunting noises left her lips, her teeth clacking every time he slammed home. She got wetter with every thrust, turning their mating into an obscene cacophony of slick and sloppy squelching. His fingers surely had to leave bruises in her flesh. She didn't mind. She loved it when he left his marks on her, reminding her for days to come of his lust. His passion and temperament.

The Prothean's loud, frantic panting revealed how close he was. His balls were pulling up. She waited until she could no longer feel them slapping her clit. Then, she clenched tightly around his pistoning shaft and he yanked his dick out with a grunt. A hand squeezed her left buttcheek while the other fist pumped with fast, smacking strokes.

"Cum ... f-for me..." She offered her ass for him to cum on and moaned when the first spurt hit her swollen cunt lips with an audible slap and trickled down in watery drops.

He came over her back and arse, shooting his load over the crack and between, coating the wrinkled hole and her folds with slick, glowing hot jizz.

Shepard groaned, excited, when he bent down over her body, breathing hard. He was rubbing his semen into her skin, marking her a second time tonight. His fingers stroked up and down her cleft, spreading the come over clitoris and mound and back up over the plump, still reddened buttcheeks. His labored breathing calmed down just slowly.

Jane rolled around when he laid down next to her, snuggling into his body and embrace with a content sigh. He kissed her neck, throat and shoulder before he captured her lips in a gentle kiss. Their legs entangled and their fingers intertwined; his kisses and caresses now tender and soft, tongues playing slowly, both of them still caught in the afterglow. 


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